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1967 Letter to and from Roberta -April 4,11

[Left side from HH to Roberta]

[at top of page]   The carbon here is [???] carbon, really a thin coat.

April 4, 1967

Dear Roberta:

Here is the form that we had talked about earlier.  This way the person you write to has less excuse not to answer you for all they need is a pencil, etc. to send a reply.  Yesterday we wrote a person in Akron on this form and they called this morning about the shipment, so it got pretty fast service.

How was your bus trip back?  Did the bag hold up?  Harold Thornburg told me at Church last night that there was a lot more traffic past his house since they have closed Route #28 off.  Wonder how long it will be before they get I 70 that you take out of Columbus finished?  Did you read about your MYF write up in last night News-Journal?  That is pretty fast service.

Hope Teacher Tom had a good vacation along with the rest of the staff.  The next time you are in Binns see if they still have our competitors ropes and jacks, Roberta.

- - - - - - - - - -
[Right side from Roberta]

[at top of page]   The carbon never worked!

[postmarked April 11, 1967]

Dear family,

Hi!  Today we started reading plays in English.  I am reading "The Importance of Being Ernest."  It sure is funny!  As soon as I get done with that I'll read "The Devil of Daniel Webster."  It is suppose to be good too!

Are Grandma and Granddaddy home yet?  Tell them all I said "Hi"!

Do you think you will be up for Parent's Day?  I guess most parents come about 10:00 in the morning and then leave after the special program that night.  The original play-writer's are putting on the program that night.

If you all can't come for Parents Day or don't want to come that day maybe it would be better for you to come some Sunday (maybe my birthday) and bring Grandma up and stay for the afternoon!

Parent's day isn't going to mean that much to me and I think I would rather you just come some Sunday.

Don't get me wrong I would love to have you up for Parents Day!

Well got to go only ten more minutes till study hall starts!


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