Monday, April 17, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.24

[postmarked ~4/24/67]

Dear Family,

Hi – I hope by now you have written a letter to me or the school giving me and Helen permission to come this week-end with J.N.  I'll write more later, when I know more.

Included is the program of last night, this morning's pre-meeting program and the picture which we couldn't find last night.

Please take good care of the pictures (2) for they mean a good deal to me.  I also found a little round black thing – I guess it is a "coater" for the camera.  Will bring it home this week-end.

Thanks for all the food!  Most of the stuff is already gone.  "Smiley Eyes" says to tell you "thank you" for the cheese.  It didn't last very long with both of us eating it.  Be sure to tell Grandma that I enjoyed the oranges and the candy very much.

Well, better go and do my English so Helen and I will be able to ride bikes this afternoon about 4:00 or so.


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