Saturday, April 08, 2017

1967 Roberta's Letter -Apr.14

Dear Family,

Thanks for the letter, it is the first I have gotten since last Saturday!  Was glad to hear too that you can come up for parents day.  Do bring John, Serena, and Mary Virginia.  I was also wondering if you would have room for somebody else.  I thought maybe Vanessa Brown could come up but of course arrangements would have to be made.  Alot of kids are having friends come up.

I haven't done anything yet about calling Aunt Virginia or anything.  In fact I'm not really sure if I want to take a week-end off.

I haven't heard anything yet from New Zealand.  I should be hearing something soon.  What part of New Zealand do our relatives live in?

The clipping from the paper sure was interesting.  The German boy at the table when you Serena and John were here was there.  Also Kit – the girl you sat by when you heard the Viet Nam discussion by Teacher Jane.

The school is going to have a Peace Vigil maybe.  It will be held somewhere in Belmont County with others from the area taking a part in it too.  We are also planning on having very small meals in the place of large ones (Sunday noon) and then send to the children of Viet Nam the money.  We are working on all kids of projects for the children over there.

Well – better go – and finish reading "The Devil and Daniel Webster."  plays are really good – at least some of them are!


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