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1977 Catherine's Letter to John -May 2

May 2, 1977
Dear John,

Thanks for your card.  We are anxious to see the rest of the rooms in the Hayes house.  Do you have one of the kitchen or the bathroom?

I hear Roberta is getting a new car.  Are you going to get the Buick?  She will be out here in about 3 weeks so if there is anything you'd like to send us you can give it to her.

We're going to the baseball game tonight.  Padres vs. Philadelphia.  The Padres were 8-8 and then they lost 8 in a row so now they are 8-16 in last place in the western division.  Hopefully they will win tonight.  We have really good seats – right behind home plate about 5 rows back.  It is half price night so we got the tickets for $2.50 each.

We got all moved over the weekend.  It sure is nice to have the extra space.  W haven't got it too organized yet though.  Gerry started staining our new table and chairs.  The table needs a couple more coats yet.  The rocking chair he is staining sort of a grey color.  They look really nice.

We are planning right now on my working through August 1.  And then having DeeDee stay with us during August.  She really likes the swimming pool.  She went swimming twice over the past weekend and it really wasn't all that hot.  We bought an air mattress at a garage sale for 50¢ so she floats around on that.

Write again soon!
Love, Cathy & Gerry

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