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1983 Roberta's letter to Grandma - Aug. 13

Weddings are mentioned but still no mention of Sid, whose wedding with Roberta did occur in December 1983.  Perhaps the wedding reference is to Cris & Angela's wedding which took place in the summer of 1983.  Transcription follows.

August 13, 1983

Dear Grandma,  

I'm sorry !  That it has taken me so long to get these pictures together & to you.  These are for you to keep - please have someone put these in your photograph album.  Don't (please!) put them in an old box or envelope - for me to find in a few years!

I've really enjoyed going over all the memories of the trip.  It was sure a fun trip – once we both got over the sock of the small state room!!  Wonder what the room will be like on the Caribean [sic] (spelling?) trip in January!

You will be coming out in just more than 4 months!  I'm sure happy you will be here for the length of time you will be!!

Catherine & family will be able to see you both in California & here in Arizona the 1st week of January.  They are sure happy about that.

You can eat your lunches with our people at Senior Village.  They will like that!  We will be able to spend a few days shopping.  (Tho – I'm [not?] sure if you'll need to buy a dress for a wedding next summer!!)

And of course the dogs – with three – there is always plenty of entertainment!

I'll keep your ticket – airplane ticket – till after you go to Florida.  If the prices go down & I'll trade & send you some money back!

Hope you enjoy the pictures - as much as I do!!

My very best –––

Much love, Roberta
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