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1973 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 6

Family, including Grandma, is about to arrive for their visit in Sanford, Maine.  The house and the neighborhood are still much the same as they were 40 years ago, although a wooded area in the middle of the area NW of the house is now a park.  Transcription and map follow.

Monday Ju August 6, 1973

Dear Mom, Dad, John and Mary, 

Hi!  It certainly was good talking to you on Friday night.  Quite a surprise.  I am enclosing a map so you should be able to find us either at home or at the library.  We eat supper at home from 4-5 and then I will probably be taking the evening off.  so I will be home after 4.

Yesterday we went to Greene, Maine (near Lewiston to visit a girl who went to K College, & library school and also worked at K.  She is now employed at a library in a junior college in Ironwood, Mich. but she is home for a weeks vacation.

I used our new washing machine this past weekend.  It works real well except for the wringers which are practically worthless.  We had to build a platform for the washing machine because the drain hose was too short to reach into the drain pipe.

Bought a used bicycle for $10.00 on Friday from the sister of a girl who works at the library.  Haven't ridden it too far yet as the tires each need about 20# of air.  At least now we can go riding together.

We're really enjoying this house as compared with the apartment.  The neighborhood is also nice without much traffic and noise.  We're also not far from the woods so it is possible to take the dog for walks and let her off the leash.  Be sure you bring some old clothes and shoes with you.  Also, I wanted to tell you that there is a public park a few miles from Sanford which has been especially designed for handicapped people.  The picnic tables are built special so that wheel chairs can be pulled up to them and there are nature trails designed especially for wheel chairs.  It was just built the early part of this summer so we haven't seen it but there has been quite a bit of publicity.

I thought I'd invite the Ballantyne's for a picnic supper on Sunday night.  Hope that meets with your approval.  [handwritten] or whenever they can come.

Well, it's getting to be breakfast time so I better sign off.  See you soon!

Love, X & Catherine
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