Monday, August 19, 2013

1963 Postcards - Marianne & Weegie

A special week at the New Vienna Post Office in 1963 brought two postcards.  The postcard postage rate in 1963 was 4¢, though Marianne used a 5¢ stamp which was then the letter rate.  Those rates were in effect until 1968.  Marianne included the PO Box but not the zip code.  Transcriptions follow.

Lake Chautauqua NY Amphitheatre Postcard mailed 1963.  Captioned: The Amphitheatre, Chautauqua, N. Y. on Lake Chautauqua.
1963 Chautauqua postcard from Marianne - Aug. 19
[postmarked Aug 19, 1963]
Dear Catherine,
Having a nice time up here.  I've seen some symphony orchestras, plays, movies, recitals, and a style show and so forth.
How's N.V. and all that goes with it! Ha!
Received 2 letters from you.  What a surprise!
Should be back in Fla. around the 22nd.
Love, Marianne
Yacht Basin, Havre de Grace, Md. postcard mailed 1963
1963 Maryland Postcard from Weegie - Aug. 20
[postmarked Aug 20, 1963]
Hi, Cow!
I'm at my aunt & uncle's in Md.
Took a walk down to the bay.
It's cool here.
See you soon.

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