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1973 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 25

Roberta has some pretty stationary on which she describes her early forays into personnel negotiations and plans for coming back to Ohio on Labor Day.  Transcription follows.

August 25, 1973

Dear Family,

Hi! Couldn't decide wheather to write or call you all up . . . . so finally decided I better write . . . . . it's just too easy now days to pick up the phone and call long distance.  (ho,hum)

I went on a pretty long bike ride tonight.  I stopped by Mrs. McGrew's house again, but as usual she was out riding her bike.  I did stop and talk to a neighbor woman of hers for awhile.  Not long after I got back the phone rang, and it was Mrs. McGrew.  We've made plans to meet next Tuesday and ride our bikes to Lantana to some restaurant so the sun won't be too hot.  I'll be really embrassxxassed if I get worn out and she doesn't !!  I guess she has ridden down there before and ate . . . . . she knows the back roads to take, etc.

I got two letters today.  One from DPL . . . . a duplicate check of one that I had lost last summer.  I'll have this one to the bank before I get a chance to lose it . . . . ha.  I also got my grade from Florida Atlantic . . . . . . . I got a "B" . . . . which I guess is pretty good.  Of course, I would have rather had an "A", but then I'm not complaining.  Now since I got my grade I feel more in the mood for gong down and paying my tuition.

Yesterday at work I went in to see Personnel to tell them the exact dates I would be gone.  I had told them some time ago that I wanted off during September, but nothing definite had been said as far as dates go.  Well, they told me I would have to terminate, and then when I came back I could be rehired as a new employee.  I told them I didn't like the sound of all of that.  Before I was done I was talking to the head of personnel and it's all worked out xxxx that I'll be gone on "leave of absense". [sic]  After six months you are supposed to get one week paid (according to how many hours, etc., you had been working) vacation . . . . . of course I'm about one week short of that !!!!

As for my flight home . . . . . . I have changed my reservations for the evening flight, for several reasons.  For one reason, the Hortons will all be gone so I'm going to have to ask someone at work to take me to the airport.  I think I would rather  ask them to take me at nine in the evening rather than seven in the morning.  Also I can save about fifteen dollars, won't have to change planes, as the evening flight is straight through . . . . just a stop in Tampa.  Now . . . . . I was thinking . . . . why don't you all plan on coming to the airport about eight or so the morning of the 3rd. (Monday)  That way I won't have to wait at the airport too long, and you all won't have to be awake and driving in the middle of the night!!!  I think that would be about the best idea.  We could meet near where the Delta tickets and stuff are sold.  Yes, how does that sound????  I guess you all won't have time to write back so maybe I'll call you after all eitherx next Saturday evening or Sunday.

Monday I'm going to take the Buick to a gas station.  I think it should have the oil changed also checked over for any ailments it might have.  It hasn't given me any trouble whatsoever, but I don't want it to either.  I think that Aunt Mary is looking forward to having the Buick to drive while I'm gone.

Yesterday was Rob's last full day at work, as he starts school on Monday.  He will just be going to school from seven till noon every day . . . . I think.  They (Uncle Bill, Aunt Mary and Rob) will be leaving Thursday evening for Atlanta and will be gone till Tuesday.  I'll just miss seeing Cris.  He'll just be home for about a week, the way I understand it.

I bought a new dress the other day.  I dont't know if I should bring xit with me or not when I come home.  It's sleeveless.  I read in the paper how it had been pretty cool in Ohio.  Of course after this hot Florida sun all summer, anything is going to seem cool to me.

I cooked enough fish up for tonight's supper and two more supper portions (at six ounces each) and one lunch portion.  I've got them all weighted [sic] out and then put in the little corning ware dishes.  Sometimes I feel like a scientist . . . . weighting out all my food, and everything.  I only have fourteen more pounds to lose now . . . but I'm afraid that is going to take an awfully long time, the easy weeks are over now.

Well, I better be closing.  It's getting late and I hope to get up and go to the beach tomorrow morning before I go to work . . . . don't have to be there until 11:55 on Sundays.  I like to go to the beach about eight thirty and stay for an hour or little longer . . . . . that way I still have plenty of time to getr ready for work, eat, etc.  I'll call . . . . . unless I hear from you all.

Love, Berta
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