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1983 Kate Foster letter - Aug. 10

Kate Foster, a childhood friend of Jean's from New Cumberland, writes a letter and the envelope includes the pictures shown below.  From the reading of the letter, the pictures may have been taken at a time after Aug. 1983.  Gerry and I enjoyed several visits with the Fosters during the last 25 years.  Prior to moving to southern Arizona, the Fosters lived in Ypsilanti, Michigan where Milt was a professor of English at Eastern Michigan University.  Transcription follows the pictures.

Milt Foster & HH 1983

HH & Milton Foster 1983

Milt & Kate Foster 1983
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[postmarked 10 Aug 1983]
Dear Jean and Harold -

We will soon be on our way to Alaska and eagerly so because we've read Micheners Alaska and will look at everything with some idea of history and geography – and we will both relish the respite from a long, hot summer. - We've known several other couples like you who have enjoyed Elderhostel such as you described in Oregon - Someday we will have to try that, too.

Our summer has been full of swimming hiking seeing good movies (Like Chocolate, Like Water (Mexican), Line of Fire, Dave, Sleepless in Seattle), good books, good times with family - and trying to keep informed about what's going on nationally & internationally, and some letter writing.

We had one very nice week-end camping trip with our son and his daughter in an utterly beautiful spot, miles form anything or anyone, excepts some cows, in the San Rapheal Valley, very near the Mexican border.  My enthusiasm at the end of the trip more than made up for my lack of it in the beginning.

And just I began to feel completely passed by, by what was and was not happening within our church, we attended a Forum before our 10 o'clock service and found meaningful friends and leadership there.  Our new rector arrives Sept 1, and we have some reason to hope that he might be what we are looking for - or at the very least allow the Forum to resume its meetings under the leadership of the frail, but very dedicated & scholarly priest/university professor who had been leading it.

We should keep on trying to get together sometime here in Arizona - or elsewhere.  Let us know if you have any ideas.  Milton has tried out for the next play The Foreigner (by Larry Shue) which will be running in the middle of November.  I wouldn't be surprised if he got a part.  He will have more free time, after the play but whenever you can come we'd love to see you.

Love, Kate

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