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1972 Roberta in Berlin - Aug. 2

Roberta's European tour continues and she meets people from Clinton County.  Transcription follows.
Berlin postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned: BERLIN - Potsdamer Platz
1972 Roberta's Berlin postcard to Grandma - Aug. 2
August 2, 1972
Hi!  Was happy to get your letter today and to know that John is feeling better!!

We had our tour of Berlin this A.M.- saw the Berlin Wall - how terrible of a thing!  We saw the crosses of people that had tried to make it across but failed.

Tomorrow we visit East Berlin!!  This afternoon we go to the Berlin Zoo!  Hope all is fine - Love Bert

Berlin postcard mailed 1972.  Captioned:  BERLIN - Schoneberger Rathaus und John F. Kennedy Platz 
1972 Roberta's Berlin postcard - Aug. 3

August 3, 1972
Hi!  You will never guess who I met at the Germany/American Folk Festival we went to last night?!!  Micky Collins [brother of Keith] from New Vienna!!  Neither of us could believe it!! So tomorrow Linda, Karen, Beth & I are all suppose to be his guests at the base. He's planning on showing us all around - - - eat in the mess-hall, etc!

We go this morning to East Berlin - Had a really good tour of West Berlin yesterday.  Also saw Cheryl (Corky's from J&W sister) who I had planned to meet yesterday.  Am seeing alot of Clinton County people!  Hope all is A-ok - See you soon!  Love, Bert

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