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1983 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 23

Roberta was very faithful in writing to Grandma. Here's a letter written in August 1983.  Only four months until the wedding with Sid – when are we going to hear about that??  Transcription follows.

August 23, 1983

Dear Grandma,

Hi! I just got back from leading our new music group! Doesn't that sound funny – coming from me!?  Actually – it's a fun - Kitchen Band - and the gal who started it - and has been leading it - called me 15 minutes after the practice was supposed to start – to tell me she was sick!  About 8 of our people were ready & waiting so I went ahead!  Next week I'm sure the group will appreciate the real leader all the more!!

It was a quiet and busy weekend!  Saturday night the Church had a musical group – the Continentals from California.  I went – along with 15 of our residents.  It was really a nice evening – tho the music was so loud!  Even the people who usually complain about not being able to hear – complained about how LOUD it was.

then Sunday night was the last of the film series at the Church.  (Charles Swindoll's film) Twelve of our people went up for that.  The films have really been good.  There were six in all - and I was there for three of the films – that's real good for me!

Marian went up to the cabin today for the week – this is the last chance for her – except for weekends - with school starting!  She took all three of the dogs - so it seems REAL QUIET!!

Marian has gone on a real strict diet – so far she lost about 20 pounds.  It is just beginning to show – so I hope she keeps it up!  It really is hard for her to diet – since she loves her sweets!

I've lost the weight I gained going down the Mississippi River and in North Carolina & Ohio!  So my clothes now are fitting me better!!

The swimming too – I'm sure really helps me – as much as eating what is good for me!  For the 1st time I'm really TAN – maybe enough so it will last me thru the winter!

I'm sure looking forward to our January trip – it will be a nice MID-WINTER VACATION!  I'm sure happy about Mom & Elizabeth going on the trip too!  Real happy to have you coming out mid-December – and then to stay till 25th of January!!  It's especially nice for you to be out here at Christmas – with the family also going to be here!

I better be closing – wishing you my best –––

Love, Roberta
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