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1982 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 28

Roberta continues the back to school theme in August 1982, where she has signed up for two classes at GCC. Transcription follows.

Saturday AM –

Dear Family,

One week of classes over!!  Tho it wasn't a complete week since there wasn't a science LAB this week.  By the end of the semester in labs we will be "doing" a fetal pig!!  I'm not looking forward to all of that!!

How are all of you – Mary Virginia must be going to start school soon – what will her address be – we might want to send you a singing telegram – or something.

I've made contact w/ Flying E – of course – they remember the Uibles –– how we rode the horses, ate, etc.  And they would love to have us back.  No definite dates yet – but they will work us in after Christmas, between 25th-30th.

Starting in September I'll have more time off – Kay – the Gal that worked (stayed in our house while I was away in Ohio) will be paid by county to work every other weekend + 4 nights a month – from 5:00 - 10:00 p.m.  The weekends can be adjusted – to our convenience - i.e. - wouldn't have to be a weekend.

I've had to buy a better (more functions) calculator – for Algebra.  It's cheaper than the one I bought in Florida some 7 years ago for that Statistics course.  It used little hearing aid batteries.  We have our 1st TEST this Wednesday – and we will be able to use the calculators in class – during the TESTS.  So far I'm keeping up w/ what's going on in class, tho I'm sure it takes me longer to figure it all out than most.

The Biology class is hard to describe - the teacher talks so fast – and so much I'm not used to – that it's hard to keep up.  I'm going to start taping the lectures.

Now Sunday PM – Our A.C. went off yesterday - got up to 94ยบ in the house – rather warm – very hard on the dogs – I kept giving them ice cubes – thank goodness it did get fixed this A.M.

This last week for a few days we had no-one in the hospital – now we are back up to 2 people being there – One for surgery tomorrow a.m. – CANCER – exploratory.  Other one fell & hurt nose, etc. – Think she will end up being a nursing home placement.

I need to go – Biology & EOM Report calling me –

Love, Roberta

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