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1983 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 29

More of the red typewriter ribbon found in this letter from Oregon. Transcription follows.

Monday, August 29, 1983

Dear Mother & Dad, 

Hi!  I was just wondering where I got this paper.  Maybe from Roberta.  It is raining here this morning and according to the paper we can expect about three more days of the wet stuff.  This has been a very strange year weather-wise.

Our tomatoes have finally started to ripen at the rate of two or three a day.  Yesterday I picked three cherry, two yellow, and three regular.  I even had fried green tomatoes (for breakfast ) since I figure I can now sacrifice some green ones.  I got these wire "cages" for the tomatoes but the plants have gotten so big that two of them fell over cage and all and had to be propped back up.  I also cooked ones of our winter squashes last week but it was still pretty green inside.  It tasted very similar to acorn squash but they are growing more like green pumpkins.  We also have acorn squash but haven't tried on yet.

We had a good trip to Portland and explored some unfamiliar (to us) areas down town with Tim & Jody.  Wendy bought a skirt with a Care-Bears pattern on it which she thinks is really neat.  The highlight for Wendy was breakfast at McDonald's.  And Wendy cried when it was time for DeeDee to get on her plane.  They got along better than ever before this year.

Wendy just got up.  She says "I love you."  That's all she can think of to say.  She does better than than with a phone though.

Gerry was planning to paint the house this week but all this rain is changing his plans.  This is the last week that he will be working a split shift.  Because the Co-op was open from 7-7 during the summer he worked 7-3:30 one week and 10:30-7 the next week.  Next week it will be back to 8-5:30 but at least we will be able to go to lunch together again.

Got to close.

Love, Catherine, Gerry & Wendy
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