Wednesday, August 28, 2013

1963 Mammoth Cave Camping - Aug.

Summer 1963 included a group camping trip with the Shaffers and the Allens to Mammoth Cave in Kentucky.  The pictures of John and Serena are marked with a "developed" date of Dec. 1963 but the caption on the back of one indicates it was taken in August 1963.
1963 John & Serena cart ride possibly in Kentucky (uncaptioned)

1963 Serena & John at Lincoln's Birthplace, Hodgenville KY 
on way back from Mammoth Cave "USA" camping trip

Norma Allen provided the following memories of the camping trip:
  • I remember as if it were yesterday. Harold had brought a huge bunch of bananas. They looked as if they had just been picked from a banana tree. They also brought some tiny hot dogs. Probably bought at some wholesale place?  Later, after we had eaten, Caryl and I slept in the car, we had a station wagon. I was dozing off, and happened to look out the back window and saw three or four raccoons!  They were probably feasting on the bananas that Harold brought.  The raccoons scared me to death. I screamed, ran out of the car.  I jumped into the tent where the guys were sleeping.  I jumped on top of Jim, my protector, to rescue me?  It was hilarious.  Jim didn't know what to think!       To be continued.  

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