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1983 Roberta's letter - Aug. 9

Busy as usual, in August 1983 Roberta finds time to write a letter on the back of a blank Coordinated Services System Client Information Document. Transcription follows.

Dear Family,

Please excuse the Stationary – and know it's the thought that counts!  Thanks for the recent family edition – great to get one – after many weeks of no Uible editions!  Tho – sure appreciate the postals!

Please!  Mail back the brown dog chewed paper – that looks like scrap paper w/phone #'s etc.  – Schuller's form letter.  I did send it my RSVP – hoping that a gal I met at the last conference can join me there.  You could RSVP for 1 or 2 – s I did for 2 people!  I'm wondering how many hundred will be there ?!?

We had our 2nd broken hip today – at Sr. Village.  1st one was to someone who had been here 1 day – this time was an ole boy – 92 years old – who moved in last Monday.  We had someone move out today (mutual request) and a lady leaving tomorrow for a nursing home – so constant change!

As of July 1st – everyone was considered new – so lots of paperwork was necessary!  I finally got it done very end of July!

It was an 8 part on each person – this form being 1 part – w/35 people – it was quite a JOB!!

We sold the VAN – had lots of troubles with it – and it had 50 miles to go on warranty.  Tho half the time what went wrong was not covered.  Bought a 1983 Omega Oldsmobile - mid size car - avg 26 mph.

Thx for the title on the car – I'd like to wait till September to change over – money tight this time of year!

Sure sounds like Mary Virginia has been busy helping someone move – good for her!  When does school start at Wilm C?  How many hours has M.V. been working at Extended Care?

I'm so glad Grandma will be out here for Christmas & most of January!  She will be an inspiration for all of residents!  Not to mention me & the dogs!

Love, Roberta
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