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1982 Roberta's letter Aug. 14

A long letter from Roberta which could/should have been posted last year during the "2" year but makes a late appearance now.  Transcription follows.


Dear Family,

Hi!! Greetings from the COOL PINE Country - we are up at the cabin for the weekend. Sure beats the heat down in the Valley! 

Have had alot of good fortune in renting out the cabin – have brought in just $500.00 in Rent.  That includes a male nurse & his family from Fountain Hills who plan to use it starting Monday thru Friday of this coming week.  Marian then will come up next weekend & stay for a couple of days.

Connie (the dog groomer) is moving into a bigger shop this next weekend – Marian has been busy painting, wall-papering, etc. for her.  AT least we get free dog grooming – for both dogs.

We have finished (at least I hope) making necessary changes for Charlie.  Put up a 6 foot fence all around the back, plus across the front between our house & next door.  Also got a CAGE for Charlie – a place where we can put him when he's too wild to have loose.

Both dogs really do love it up here at the cabin!

We sure hope that all of you that can – come out at Christmas time.  That would be great!  Flying E would really be neat.  Marian has heard all about it & would sure enjoy it.  I'll arrange for the time off – and have got babysitters for both dogs!

The county supervisors (commissioners) finally got their act together & got the budget approved.  All employees that have been w/ them 1 year as of Oct. 1, 1982 get a 5% raise.  (I started Sept. 21, 1981!!)  There is a freeze on hiring – interesting enough one our our aides (Lisa, the young red head) quit the same day – actually told me she was quitting that night before!

Ann is giving permission to hire new one since our aides came out of special grant $ – not the county general fund.  The Supervisors did give Sr. Village another lump of $ – about 50 Thou – which covers Ann's salary for another year and some $ for buying new appliances etc. in future houses.

Grandma's flight time is really good for me – I've already marked my calendar – just need to know what airlines.  Will you folks be flying out – or using the Checker?  Yes, I know what a conversation piece it is!  I'm glad to hear that you folks are getting good use of it!!

We are sure enjoying the Impala.  The grannies really liked it – I like the Radio & Marian really enjoys the use of the cruise control.  Will be sending the Registration on the Conversation Piece this week!

We had our private phone line taken out (938-1942) so now must use the business phone if you call 843-3008.  Trying to watch pennies – this way just have to pay for long distance calls.

Thanks to some gov't cuts it look like I have to pay for tutoring at school.  Marian will be able to help me some – but think it would be best for me to go ahead & get tutors form beginning in both courses.  Tuition is reasonable enough – $11 per hour – I'm taking 7 hours total - 4-Biology & 3-Algebra.  Have bought the books – the Biology is like a foreign language – and even the Algebra concepts (Basic) I've forgotten.  It doesn't scare me so much since I had alot of it in Statistics!  – (just 7 years ago!!)

Mary Virginia what are you taking this fall?  I bet you wish you could be out here – we could study together?!  What do you think of working Wells – 2nd shift this fall – or maybe Wilm. College would have evening classes you could attend & thus be able to work day shift.

Last week out of curiosity we went out & looked at some model homes – some builders now are "offering" 10% mortgages – but w/ putting minimum down – most house payments run between $800 to $1,000 per MONTH!!  Really makes me realize how many benefits I have in my present job!!

Did I tell you all about the county being given a 30 unit Apt. Complex – that has to be used for Sr. Citizen housing?  Ann is going to get that project going.

Sure would like for you all to bring your pictures (& stories) of your European Trip when you come out – I'm sure if you all would like to give  public presentation I could arrange it!!

WE had a group of our people go see the movie E.T. – last week – they really liked it.  Movie ticket prices out here are $4.50 – $3.00 for Senior Citizens.  Thru the credit union I can buy tickets $1.75 each – so we take advantage of those prices.  In July a group went to see On Golden Pond – not sure yet what the movie will be for month of September – How did you all like E.T.?

Did I tell you all about the Huge Shipment of donations we got from the Broadway Store?  We got lots of curtains – enough that we were able to put new ones in all the living rooms of the houses & alot of the bedrooms.  All of them were really nice – pretty – lined backings, etc.  Could hardly tell anything wrong w/ most of them.  Then we got alot of kitchen wear dishes – picture frames, etc.  Also alot of suitcases – Where a seam had come undone – or had scratch – about 20 comforters (for beds) – etc.

I called them up asking about the possibility of getting some donated tablecloths – and we got them plus about 30 HUGE boxes of other stuff!!

Haven't heard from the Morgans – I've sent them some pictures so am wondering if they got them or not.  But then I sent some to Serena & John – and haven't heard from their neck of the woods either.  I know letter writing time is not in the abundance.  Always glad to get caught up w/ the carbon copies!!

Speaking of the retired (or semi) did send some pictures to Ruth & Elizabeth.  Had notes from them back the same day – they must have got them out in the return mail.  I'm resting my camera now for awhile – but will have it ready to roll at Christmas Time!!

I'm pretty sure I mentioned about buying back from Dorothy Stubbs the Henda [?] Express.  (They were the 1st bikes we had – when we lived at 948 S. Alma School) – would go about 25 MPH.  I got the bike about 3 weeks ago & returned it this last week.  Just to dangerous to have in the city – where the going speed on 35th Avenue is 40 MPH.  It would have been ideal gas wise to use going back & forth to school (3.5 miles one way) but the 3 times I rode it over there – I feared for my life.  If the bike could keep up w/ the flow of traffic – it would be different.  So now the Stubbs have it again.  Thank goodness we had never changed $, titles, etc.  The bike now has some 5,000 miles on it  and going great!!  Maybe Mar Virginia would like it for around the college!!

Our storage room was broken into – last week.  Happened at night – the same night I had to call the paramedics for someone.  So I've been dealing w/ the police & Ins. people.  Most of the tools – drills, etc. – were taken.  We are getting a hard-core door & dead bolt put in.  The Ins. People are hard to deal with – they want receipts, pictures, etc. – will let you all know how we turn out ––

We've had a rash of people in the hospital – up to 4 at one time.  That keeps me busy because I try to go in & see them on a regular basis.

I'll be closing – hope you all can read my scribbles – let me know about the Christmas plans – as soon as you all firm them up.  We've got plenty of room.  Mary Va sure has a nice long Christmas break.  I'll be out Dec. 13th.

Much love, Roberta.

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