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1973 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 17

Mid-August in Florida, Roberta writes a letter. Transcription follows.

August 17, 1973

Dear Family –

Hi! Another slow evening at work!!  So here I am writing a letter while sitting down watching T.V. – this is really wearing me out!  HA

I got your letter yesterday Dad - plus one today from Grandma - Thanks!

I've had a pretty busy week.  Julie came in – Sunday afternoon.  Early (5:00 A.M.) we took off on our "trip."  We spent Monday morning and evening at Disney World – the afternoon at the pool of the motel where we stayed!!

I – as before – really had a good time at Disney.  Somehow we seemed to be able to get alot more done than the last time we were there.

Tuesday morning we got up late (about 9:00 A.M.) took a swim for about an hour and then went to Tampa.  We saw quite alot in Tampa – like a cigar factory, Schlitz (sp?) brewery, where the Reds have Spring training, Busch Gardens, etc.

We stopped at a motel in Tampa that had a pool – so we also got in some good swims while there.  We got back to Lake Worth Wednesday evening about 10:00 p.m.  We really had a jam-packed three days!

Then yesterday (Thursday) I worked a big day (9:40-5:40) – last night we went to see the movie "Tom Sawyer" – it was really good.  Aunt Mary & Rob also went w/us.

I didn't have to be at work till 11:40 so we got up this morning and went out to the ocean about 8:30 – and stayed till almost 10:00.  The water was really Rough – about the roughest I've ever seen it!!

OH - Yesterday morning on my way to work I stopped to weigh in at Weight Watchers.  Now get this – I didn't lose – I didn't stay the same – NO – I gained a half of pound!! How distressing!!  The whole time I was gone I stayed completely 'legal' – (just eating what I'm allowed) and then I go & gain a half a pound!  Well – maybe next week will be a dynamic one!!

I'm glad it's all right w/you for me to fly into Cincinnati on Labor Day.  I just found out the other day that the store will be open Labor Day.  I swear – anytime this store thinks they can make a dollar –

We got in our Halloween cards today – wow – you wouldn't believe how many 50¢, 75¢ and $1.00 cards we got.  Very few 25¢ and 35¢ cards!!  I'm glad I don't send Halloween cards!!

I know you all must be having a good time in Maine.  I'll be anxious to hear all about it.  Maybe someday I'll make it up to Maine to see Catherine & X.

Sanford & Son is on now – it's really funny.  It's neat working (?) next to the T.V. Dept.

Well – I better close –

Love, Berta
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Mary Crowson said...

Lol. Now I only shop for cards in the .97 and .47 section at WalMart when I HAVE to have one. By the time you pay postage, forget it!

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