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1973 Sanker letter - Aug. 21

My memory of the Sankers during this time period is limited. Here's a summary of the Sanker family news and updates from New Cumberland. Interesting stationary.  Transcription follows.

Aug. 21, 1973

Dear Jean,

Thank you for stopping to see us -- I'm sorry we missed you and hope that you'll stop the next time you're down this way.  Here the whole summer has gone by and we haven't been in touch.  We hope it's been a good one for you.  did you go to South America, by the way?  How about some pictures?  If you're having a showing we'd certainly like to see them.

You were always so kind to inquire about and invite Mrs. Sanker that we knew you would be interested, but saddened, to know that she died on August 6.  She had been very ill in June, some type of virus, and was hospitalized for three weeks.  They were able to eliminate the virus but she had become so weakened that she was never herself again after that.  It was sad to see her change to an entirely different person.

Bill's sister had visited her for a week just a couple weeks before she died, so we felt that it must have been right to have things happen as they did.  She was buried in Cleveland.

Just the week previous, I had met Billy at our old home and we had gone over everything prior to its being sold to Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Mick, who now live in Ruth Garrison's house at the end of 2nd Avenue.  They have bought our house as an investment, and I guess will make two apts. of it.

Thought I don't get the Courier now, my brother sent it to me, and I noticed that Tommy Krena had died.  The article said that he had been living in Burgettstown, Pa., and working at Weirton Steel.

Lynn has been working all summer at the Ford Factory in Fairfax.  she had to join de Union, and she wore steel-toed shoes and her old blue jeans everyday.  She worked six days a week almost the whole summer, sometimes having to be at work at 5 A.M., such as this morning!  Her evenings were all spent in rehearsal for the Edgecliff College Summer Theater presentation of "Pirates of Penzance."  She had a minor lead -- just enough to give the color to her spare time.  She is going to transfer to Boston U. this year and will be going there Labor Day Week-end.

Lowell received his Driver's License in May (his official plastic one arrived on July 14 and it was stolen from the locked glove compartment in our car on July 16 when he and some other boys were in swimming.)  He has been doing lots of odd jobs all summer from janitorial cleaning to lawn care to picking grapes.

Bruce has a paper route now, and having celebrated his 13th birthday on July 31 and now a full-fledged teen-ager, he seems pretty grown up in some ways.

Lynn and I sang our first duets Sunday at Armstrong -- "I Waited for the Lord" and "All Good Gifts" (from GODSPELL).  It was fun to work on them together.

When Billy and I visited my Dad, he is quite well, and those nurses and aides at the Fox Home seem to take a real interest in him.  He's even eating chocolate, which he hasn't done in years, and smoking non-filter cigarettes.  Though he was a little confused on some things, he was really  quite himself.

One last bit of family news:  Diana had her second baby, a little girl, in July.  Sally is engaged to a 33-year-old German from Dusseldorf, but I'm not sure where they'll be living.  John and Paul are both in Miami attending the Univ. of Miami.

We'll be looking forward to seeing you again and hearing what all you've been doing, how Catherine and X like Maine, if Roberta is in Florida, if John went to Philmont, where Serena decided to go to college, and what all Mary Virginia's been dong this summer.  And did Harold grow strawberries?

Stop again, and I hope we'll see you soon!

With our love,  Jeanne
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