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1973 Roberta's Letter - Aug. 21

Roberta types a letter from Florida. Keep using the typewriter please, Roberta! Transcription follows.

 August 21, 1973

Dear Family,

We all enjoyed getting your letter and newspaper article on Cathy and X, along with the folder on Sanford.  Rob is all excited about maybe going to Maine this Christmas, he thinks he would be sure to see snow there!!!

Julie left yesterday after being here a little over a week.  It was fun having her here, and we got to do lots of things, even though I had to work several of the days that she was here.

It's less than two weeks now that I'll be coming home.  I can't believe how this summer has gone so fast.

The big news here is that the Hortons are planning on flying to Atlanta next Thursday then going with Cris to North Carolina for a few days and then driving back here in Cris's car.  It will be a nice little vacation for them.

I'm anxious to hear all about your time spent in Maine with Cathy and X.  I'm sure John enjoyed the donuts there.  Were they as good as the Dunkin Donuts in Florida????

I still don't know what grade I got out of the course I took at FAU this summer.  Next week I have to to down and pay the tuition for fall quarter.

Tomorrow I am going to weight watchers with Mrs. Exline.  I've had two bad weeks so am anxious to go tomorrow.  If I haven't lost any weight I'm going to be ready to write my own diet!!!!  I hope you have a shelf of weight watchers food for me when I get home.  Lots of fish, mushrooms, green-beans, etc. etc.

I had a really pretty card and note from Arlene Curtis the other day.  She said that her husband had bought her a used bike and she was joining the bicycle people.

Serena are you enjoying your time before you go to college??  I know that Earlum [sic] is a good school . . . . even though it is one that I haven't tried out!!!!

Julie told me that hamburgers are now . . . . well, this is hard to believe . . . . . . . . a dollar a piece at the restaurant!!  Talk about the high cost of living!!!!  While in Tampa we ate at a Morrison's cafeteria.  It was really good, we were both impressed with the way they carry the trays for you.  (also the food was really good!)  I stuck with my diet completely, just can't understand how I gained a half of pound!!

Well, it's getting late so I'll quit for now; will write a longer letter later.  Hope you all had a great trip back home.  Did you get our letters????  By the way, I had a letter returned to me today . . . . one that I had written Serena when she first went to South America.  Well, the intenion [sic] was good, I assure you!

Grandma – are you ready for a trip to California now?

Love, Berta
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