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1973 Catherine's Letter - Aug. 29

This 1973 letter is written on the back of a "NEW FICTION FOR MAY, 1973" list of books with dotted lines connecting the authors and titles which can be seen in the background of the scanned letter, after a visit by Mom, Dad, Grandma, John and MV to Maine. Transcription follows.

Wednesday morning, August 29, 1973

Dar Mom, Dad, Serena, John and Mary,

Hi! Received your letter of 8/22 on 8/27.  I am also enclosing a letter from Roberta which arrived on 8/23.  Things haven't slowed down much since you left.  The library is still short-staffed so we continue to work crazy hours.  Next week everyone will be back from their vacations.  The lady with the ulcers is going to be operated on next week and will probably be back to work sometime in October.  We've rehired a person who used to work part time to work part time while we're on vacation.  Otherwise it would be impossible for us to get awayx.

Doug and Debby Foote Faulkner stayed with us Sunday-Tuesday.  They have a week off and were going camping in the White Mountains.  They may stop again on their way home but that remains to be seen.  Bruce and Beth Morgan should arrive tomorrow for a stay before they take off for Europe.  They are going to leave their car with us while they are gone.  In addition to that Ardy Munro called last night from California and said she has some time off in the next 10 days so she is heading this way if the airline she works for has any flights into the area.  So we're continuxing to make use of our bedroom space.
We had a bad electrical storm early Tuesday morning and then in the afternoon there was a tornado warning but it didn't materialize, I guess a tornado did hit down in Massachusetts.

Sorry you left the toothbrushes here.  I'll send them to you if I get around to it.  Or maybe I should save them for the next time you come.  Mary also left her puppet.  We really enjoyed having you here so I hope you will plan on coming again f before 1996.  I found the yogurt recipe and I will try to remember to enclose it with this letter.  I made a batch after you left.  It came out OK but  a little on the thin side.  I couldn't find my gelatin so made it without and that would have made it a little thicker.  I forgot to mention that once you have made one batch you can use part of it to make the next batch.  However you want to buy some to use every third or fourth batch because the culture keeps getting weaker and weaker.

Thanks also for those clippings.  Both very interesting.  The stock market seems to be holding steady for awhile although I noticed where the prime lending rate went up again.  The guy in the grocery store told me that before too long bread will be selling for 75+¢.  Speaking of break I found that part of a loaf that was lost while you were here.  It was in the closet of the "office" upstairs.  I just found it yesterday--quite moldy.

Well, I better get some cleaning done while there isn't any company here to divert me.

Love, Catherine & X
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