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1983 Roberta's letter - Aug. 13

Clue in this letter about going down the Mississippi, probably refers to the recent trip Roberta took with Grandma.  Transcription follows.

August 13, 1983

Dear Family,

Have started to call several times – but each time some sort of 'something' happens.  Might try to call tomorrow AM – but want to get the pictures – etc in the mail!

I did copy the pattern of the Christmas bags – and made several out of scraps getting the pattern the way I was happy with it!  Wait till  Christmas – they sure beat wrapping packages!  Thanks for the loan – so I could make the pattern!

Did some summer clothes shopping yesterday.  Bought some nice black walking shorts 2/ a nice top, the shorts had been $24.00 – they were on sale for $5.99 – and the blouse had been $38.00 – and it was marked down to $9.99.  I'll no doubt be taking them cruising.  This time of year there are so many good summer clothes bargains – I just hate to turn them down!

I've lost the weight I put on going down the Mississippi + on vacation.  Would like to keep my weight about where it is now –

Anxious to hear how the trip went to Pittsburg – & about the service for Aunt Virginia.  I'm sorry that I don't live closer - to be able to have gone to the service – and to be able to have seen her while she was alive.

The Church where I've been going has had the series of films by Charles Swindoll – Improving Your Serve.  Have seen 4 of the films & they really are good.  Alot of our residents have been going too - they have also enjoyed the films.

Have you all read Robert Schuller's new book – Tough People Times Never Last - Tough People Do?  I have & thought it was very good.

I'm trying to be 'tough' in regard to M.  I'm tired of trying to "walk around" the house like on egg shells - she has been increasingly more touchy - really can make it very unpleasant.

I think we would be better off to go our separate ways – tho it would be a huge hassel [sic] w/so much "common" property.  Right now she would have all to lose $ wise - since here, no Rent, utilities, etc.

I've tried to talk w/ her - but she isn't easy to "work" things out.  There have been some improvements since I mentioned going separate ways.  M has so many good points – I'll keep you all posted.

Now Monday AM – will get this in the mail –

Much love, Roberta

PICTURES – are for you all to keep.  Sending some extra of Dad, Aunt Mary & Grandma – for you all to distribute –

I'll be glad to have extras made of any others – just let me know.

Sorry it has taken so LONG for these –
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