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Mongold Oil Company - New Vienna Ohio

Two views about 20 years apart.  Previously posted was a picture of the bulk oil tanks located behind the service station which shows a side view of the office building from the rear and one corner of the back of the service station.  CJ Uible had a financial interest in this business which was run by Rollo Mongold during the mid-1900s.
Mongold Oil Co., New Vienna Ohio c1945

Mongold Office Building, New Vienna Ohio c1965

A "modern" view c2010 of the east side of the office building can be seen on Google Street view from the corner of Main Street and West Street, although the roofline looks different.

According to Rollo Earl Mongold (1907-1989) of Lynchburg, was the son of Frannie F. Mongold (1877-1948) and Ina Viola Sanderson (1881-1911).  He was married to Louella Davis (1917-1990) and Mary Alice Whitford (1909-1963) and had four children with the latter, including Margaret Joanne Pfister of Lynchburg (1930-2006), Mary K. Workman of Milford, and Thomas Mongold of Wilmington.

Rollo also had three older brothers, Robert Willard "Shorty" (1898-1975), Roy David (1900-1986) who lived in Clark, Ohio, and James William (1905-1983). Shorty was the only brother who lived in New Vienna. He was a good friend of CJ's, and his Southern Ohio Tool & Die Co.'s manufacturing of farm gates, was instrumental in CJ's settling with his family in New Vienna.

HH adds that by the mid-1900s most farmers switched from livestock production to grain farming, and the need for farm gates greatly diminished.  Southern Ohio Tool & Die eventually ceased operations and the original building, which had a dirt floor, was demolished during a Wells expansion.


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