Monday, March 14, 2011

Florida Trips 1952 & 1955

The CJ Uibles's preferred the Atlantic coast and settled on wintering in Lake Worth, partially because a former New Vienna postmaster had a brother who owned a gas station in LW and had also wintered there. [Possibly the name was Rice.]  CJ and Gladys lived in several locations but on K Street the longest.   He liked the K St. location as it was less than two blocks to Lucerne Ave., and only a short walk to the Brokerage Office.

The K St. apartment was over the garage on an alley at the back of a complex. The first few years this was actually two small apartments and the tenants shared the bathroom. Later the Uibles rented the whole place and had a bathroom to themselves.  They were able to park their car in the garage but it was a tight fit as the American Legion [There is now an Apostolic Tabernacle in that building at 210 J Street] had a building on the other side of the alley that came right up to the property line. CJ liked to drive a big black Cadillac.
CJ, Gladys, Roberta, Harold & Catherine - March 1952 

The Hortons also visited Lake Worth frequently and moved there c1952.  Prior to living in Lake Worth they lived in Hillsboro and when they first moved to Florida lived in Riviera Beach, 12 miles north of LW for six months.  Their first house in Lake Worth was a "shack" [per Marianne] on D St., then they moved to 731 N K St about five blocks north of the Uibles.  The North Grade Elementary School, built in 1926, since demolished but rebuilt a block north, was across the street from them.  This small house had only two (upstairs) bedrooms, one in which the Horton children slept dormitory style.  In 1961, they moved to their new house, similar to the Uible house in New Vienna, at 1025 North B Street.
Bill Horton & Roberta - March 1955, Lake Worth FL (Catherine in distance)

Catherine & Roberta - March 1955, Lake Worth FL

In 1955 Catherine stayed with CJ and Gladys when HH, Jean and Roberta returned to New Vienna.  During that Florida trip they also visited the Dr. Thompson's, parents of Charles, in the Fort Myers area.  Dr. Thompson was a veterinarian who preceded Dr. South as the vet in New Vienna.  Note that in this picture R&C are wearing their better dresses and good shoes rather than beach wear.
Catherine & Roberta - March 18, 1955
Dr. Thompson's (Charles' father's) boat Fort Myers FL


Mary Uible Crowson said...

Catherine--very interesting and didn't know you stayed in FL with CJ/GHU in 1955. How long did you stay?

Catherine said...

A few weeks, from mid-March until just before Easter which was on April 10 in 1955.

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