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New Vienna Ohio School Buses

School Buses through the Years:
New Vienna School Hack 1909
1909 New Vienna students
Students pictured with the New Vienna School District school hack, are standing left to right, Oscar Ross, driver, and Robert Haines, Roscoe Bowers, Clay Richard Clark, Glenn King, Harold Elliott, Geneva Clark Smithson, Fred Steele and Cleona Bowers Bennett. Seated in back is,left to right, Virginia Johnson Carter, Lillie Belle King Chance, Harlen Cantrell, Mary Steele Hodgson, Martha Haines, Addie Bobbitt Rulon, Mary Rowe and Kathleen Haines. The picture was taken in 1909 and was furnished by Virginia Carter.

School Wagon, New Vienna Ohio c1910

School Wagon c1920 New Vienna Ohio.  "Air Conditioned – Summer and Winter, Driver Ike Pendall.  Pictured: Beatrice Gregory, George W. Johnson, Oneita Johnson, Kathryn Johnson, Edrie Johnson, Lloyd Miller, Carol Johnson
Picture taken by Josephine "Jo" (Miller) Williams about 1920 when she was about 11 years old, taken with a box brownie camera.

There were two long benches in the wagon, instead of individual seats.  The bigger children held smaller ones on their laps.  There was no heat in the winter.

Jo was one of the first children to be picked up in the morning.  She lived about 3.5 miles from New Vienna on Derivan Road.  The wagon picker her up and then went to the intersection of Antioch Road and present day SR-729 and turned around.  The wagon then went along SR-729 to present day SR-73 heading back to town and the New Vienna school.

School Buses parked in front of school New Vienna Ohio c1934

School Bus 1934 New Vienna Ohio

Whited Family School Bus stop, New Vienna Ohio c1961

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