Thursday, March 03, 2011

March 4, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1956 - Jean's brother, Robert Brown Ballantyne died at age 46. [Obituary transcribed in later blog post.]

Saturday 1989 - Met Josephine Harner at Drake's Corner (8:15) for our ride to Springfield. First stop was at Gullett's. Josephine's daughter, Esther, picked us up on south edge of Springfield. Had lunch at daughter's home and then they went shopping and I walked over to Wittenberg College, then downtown where they have turned the old city hall into a market place, very impressive from outside. The new Public Library is just across the street. We got back to New Vienna about 8:30 PM. Temperature in the low 60s.

Sunday 1990 - [Florida]

Friday 1994 - [Hawaii]

Saturday 1995 - [Marriage Encounter] They call you on the phone and then 45 minutes later another call for morning devotions, then breakfast with plenty of scrambled eggs, home fires, cold toast and cereal, juice, etc. The schedule was a presentation and then questions for us to answer in writing, then dialogue. The men and women would take turns going to their respective rooms for writing and then the other spouse would go to the room to exchange books [in which the answers had been written].

Monday 1996 - [Kentucky to Ohio] Back to New Vienna, had lunch at the Cafe in the Palm Court with a two for one deal so "saved" $13. Very nice.  Filed Zurface brief in Probate Curt.  GG called from FL.

Wednesday 1998 - On Lions Club committee for dinner with Tom Terrell and Leon Salisbury. Had Carla R from Waynesville who spoke on Hospice. Betty Thompson has moved out, had Barbara from antique store down there getting pop bottles and the cartons (she said they were more valuable than the bottles). Got "bike letter" from Frank in Essex CT.

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