Wednesday, March 23, 2011

March 24, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1990 - [KY to Cincinnati airport to pick-up GHU to home] Surprised to see snow on the ground this AM, traffic slow on I-75. Lunch in Florence KY at Red Lobster, Rainbow Trout $5.75. Got GHU a new telephone at Florence Mall. Jean stayed with the car while I met Mother and we got away 30 minutes after plane landed.

Sunday 1991 - Got out our "old" movies and slides, seems like eternity since our family went west for 5 weeks in 1962. Roberta met Vanessa at Rae's [same as Ray's pizza?] at 7:30. Arlene Curtis had been in to see GHU, also Judy Clay.

Monday 1992 - Sharon King's (mgr at bank) husband died of cancer (age 45), it was discovered last June.

Wednesday 1993 - [Phoenix] Had lunch with Catherine. Met Sue Sears Green in Tempe, ate at Health Food Restaurant and went to "juggling show" at Gammage Auditorium [same place we saw Annie 1/10].

Thursday 1994 - Went to Wilmington College to hear Terry Anderson speak - overflow crowd. He was a prisoner in Lebanon for 7+ years. Sat next to Lou Hale.

Saturday 1996 - 23 Psalms for Sunday School lesson, 77 at church. We walked out Cemetery Rd and picked up trash also swept walk near recycling container, then moved desk at Wells so we wouldn't have to close the blinds so often. John called, they are going to hospital tomorrow at 10AM so we are going up in the afternoon. Wendy called, she seems to be doing well in school.

Monday 1997 - Jean had appointment at CMH at 7:30 for stress test. Had Reynolds lock box opening. Betty Rulon called, Dick passed away yesterday. Had lunch at Taco Bell. New Vienna awarded contract for Cemetery job. Got the Quicken software program.

Wednesday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through 4/8]

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