Sunday, March 13, 2011

New York City 1957 Postcard

1957 trip to Philadelphia, New York City, and Massachusetts was taken with Elizabeth and Oscar Johnson -- of which we have been reading excerpts from Elizabeth's scrapbook. Related posts would include Elizabeth's description of the Statue of Liberty visit and her experience with sending post cards from the Stock Exchange, postage supposedly paid by the Exchange.  Transcription follows.

Postcard from NYC to Roberta, Catherine & Serena - March 11, 1957

Mon. 2:30PM  Just went thru here today – arrived in New York at 11AM and went 1st to Statue of Liberty.  Hope everything is going fine at home.  Thinking of all of you.  Love, Daddy and Mommie

Postcard captioned: [front] The Nation's Market Place. [back] New York Stock Exchange, 20 Broad Street, New York 5, N.Y.  Be sure to visit the Exchange when you are in New York City.  See displays of the country's industrial might, watch one of the great free markets of the world.  The Exchange is open from 10 A.M. to 3:30 P.M. Monday through Friday.  – Own Your Share of American Business –


Mary Uible Crowson said...

If the Johnsons were with Mom and Dad, who stayed with the 3 of you?

Catherine said...

On this trip a lady named Mrs. (Goldie) Turner from Martinsville stayed with us. Once we started school we couldn't stay with the Johnsons (if they had been home) because the school bus didn't go out that far and the Johnsons would have been too busy in the early AM with the cows to be transporting us.

In the spring of 1957 Roberta would have been in kindergarten (which NV started the year I was in first grade) and I was in second grade.

Mrs. Turner was not as much fun as staying on the Johnson farm. She set mouse traps all over the house including one on my pillow -- nothing like opening your eyes to a "snapped" mouse. I was not overly fond of her.

When "Dear" died in Feb. 1957, Roberta and Serena may have stayed with the Johnsons but I stayed with Gertrude Waits and her husband. I had started taking piano lessons with Mrs. Waits the previous year.

Serena said...

Was Mrs. Turner the one who thought one should be able to bounce a quarter on a well-made bed? I don't really remember her, but Roberta had COLORFUL stories about her. She didn't care for her either.

Kindergarten existed in 1957? Really? I didn't go to kindergarten - there wasn't one. John was kept out of first grade so that he could start kindergarten with Kevin - the first year I remember there being a kindergarten.

Roberta said...

I do remember Mrs. Turner. But not kindergarden.....was I there?

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