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March 26, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Sunday 1989 - Easter Sunday, Sunrise service at 6:30, breakfast and video on Unquenchable Fire. Big crowd at church. Bev Grover sang. John came down and we had turkey. Rode Jean's old bike 15 miles. Mary Virginia home with two girlfriends. Roberta called. Beautiful day.

Monday 1990 - Cris, Angela, Laura and Wil arrive. He was let go at Rockwell after 9 months, was making $54,000. They have a little food grinder they use at the table to puree regular food for Wil who is 1, Laura is 3. He was with Clark for 10 years.

Tuesday 1991 - Drove to Wayne Hospital in Greenville where Serena was an outpatient for Cystoscopy. She had lunch there in bed and then we went to her apartment. En route to Russia [Ohio] for supper at Sheps Golden Lantern -- liver and onions $8.95 -- 2111 Miller Rd. [no restaurant at that address in 2011]  Made stop in Versailles, bought bulk garden seeds and small pliers. Public Library in old house with new addition.

Friday 1993 - [Arizona, Grand Canyon] We went down the Kaibab Trail, left about 9AM after big breakfast at the cafeteria, which just opened today for the season. Got to Phantom Ranch about 4PM, a basic but pretty spot. The mule trip is $250 per person with meals, etc. It was a steep 7.5 miles. We had the veggie stew for supper.

Sunday 1995 - [to Holmes County via Newark with Ginny] After church we drove to Newark, where we had lunch and got gas for 97.9¢. On to the Inn at Honey Run, Room 226. $75 + $15 for rollaway. Ron Eberhard was "speaking" between 5-6, we got there about 4:45. Had supper there -- "Raid the Kitchen" -- a self serve buffet for $9.50

Tuesday 1996 - [Newark] John called us at 6AM, Julie had a C-Section. We got to her room about 7:30. Joseph had one eye open and lasted about 40 minutes. The minister had been there all night and had a dedication prayer. They washed Joseph up in the room and he looked nice in his gown. So sad. We left about 11AM and had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Grove City. Pot of beans $2.99.

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