Tuesday, March 08, 2011

March 9, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - Went to Bowling Green, Ohio on Montgomery Estate. Had lunch at Bill Knapp's in Findley. Came back US68 about 21 miles shorter than I-75, but 75 quicker with 65mph speed limit. Went back to Wilmington, Jean had mini-college, turned in sales slips to Bob and Carl's, got 10% refund.

Saturday 1991 - [Cincinnati to Somerset KY] Had complimentary breakfast at the motel, 4 oz carton of milk with cereal. Went to Tri-County and bought new pair of shoes -- black suede 1/2 price at $39. Went to yogurt place, they gave us the cups to fill and we had plenty -- that was our lunch. Drove to Somerset. Paul Mace [friend of Crowsons?] had invited us all to go to Lakeview Restaurant for supper -- another buffet.

Sunday 1992 - Jack Laymon, across from NVUMC has put in a new sidewalk. HQT [Harold Thornburg] home from heart bypass operation.

Wednesday 1994 - A surprise snow this AM. Had Clement hearing, other attorney canceled out due to the snow. Judge Davis in Hillsboro retired. Article in last Sunday's NYT about Kauai.

Friday 1996 - 8 degrees this AM, but sun is bright.

Sunday 1997 - Guest Sunday at Church, had 101 and a nice lunch. TV program about Rike's store in Dayton. Building built in 1912 and what a big deal when put in an escalator. I do recall when were new in Cincinnati.

Monday 1998 - Called MUH, Joe was there. He had been to Key West and they are going overnight to Disney World. Roberta told us that Cris's daughter [Laura] is coming out to Arizona for a week in June. Cris and Angela are going to Florida, weekend in Lantana but during the week at Sanibel.

Tuesday 1999 - [to Cincy Airport Holiday Inn for trip to Portugal and Spain through 4/8]

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