Saturday, March 05, 2011

Postcard Mary Horton to Jean March 16, 1948

What did future sister-in-laws write or talk about in 1948?  Evidently canned chicken, babies [Joe "Jo-Jo"] would have been nine months old, the weather [of course] and welcome to the family.  Here's a card written by HH's only sister to his future bride, AKA "Peaches" or "Luscious."  Note the trademark "Ha!" and the witty humor in Joe's response to the Valentine.  Transcription follows:

postmarked 6:30 PM, March 16, 1948, Lake Worth FLA

Lake Worth Bridge looking East, Lake Worth Florida

Dear Jean: –
Does this look familiar?  Are you counting the days until the 3rd?  [The wedding day, 18 days away].
I can imagine the bustle and excitement up Cleveland way.  Enjoyed your last note.  I can recommend the canned chicken!  Bill & I ate it the week-end before we left and it was SWELL!  We have had some grand beach weather but last few days have been windy and cool!  Jo-Jo [Joe, age 9 months] liked your Valentine so much he literally tore it up. Ha! He is getting brown, crawls all over the place and stands up to chairs.  The next time we see you it will be "Mrs. Uible!"  Does it sound funny?  --Mary U. Horton

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