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April 1, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Saturday 1989 - [Cross-country bike ride San Diego to Jacksonville]

Sunday 1990 - John arrived about 1:30 AM, had met Julie in Indianapolis. After midnight it seemed that GHU wanted to go to bathroom (potty) every half hour. Complains of lower back pain. Went down to her house at 4AM and got pain pill, it causes drowsiness and she then slept through to 9AM. Turned clocks forward today.

Monday 1991 - [Crowsons visiting] Jean told me it was snowing out (April Fool's), then than Don and MV were up and cooking bacon, another April Fool.

Tuesday 1992 - Jeanne Sanker invited Jean down to meeting at Hyde Park UMC, I went to the Public Library to read about making hollow balls, then looked at some of the toy stores. Came home through Hillsboro. Mother in good spirits. Cantata practice at 7:30 with 18 present. Bought gas for 98.9¢, saw it later for 96.9¢, 104.9¢ in Hillsboro. Had a good report from my physical.

Wednesday 1993 - [Phoenix]

Saturday 1995 - We went square dancing in Hillsboro, $6. Caller was Mark Clausing from Cincinnati. He is promoting a 12/31/99 dance in New Zealand then fly to Hawaii the next day for another 12/31/99 dance. He has just returned from Australia on a square dance calling trip. Turned the clocks forward tonight. We picked up the loose sticks today.

Monday 1996 - It's really snowing this morning. Harold S. [Schautz?] came here with our new computer. Jean's Mothers' Club met at Ponderosa in Wilmington. Jean doesn't seem too peppy.

Tuesday 1997 - [Phoenix]

Wednesday 1998 - [to West Virginia] Left for Shepherdstown, WV, with lunch stop in Scenery Hill, PA. David Henderson suggested Andy K. for black top replacement, David does the coating.

Thursday 1999 - [Salamanca, Portugal trip through April 8] I've had enough of visiting these old (and cold) cathedrals. Lots of places have salads of white asparagus and artichokes. Visited with Nancy Walker and family. She has 3 children, David-17, Leslie-15 and Suzie-10.

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