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March 17, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Friday 1989 - Another nice day. Article in WNJ about old Hale Hospital* [where Serena was born and Catherine had her tonsils removed, both in 1955] becoming the center of a retirement community. Went to a play at Wilmington College in the McCoy Room "Home of the Brave" -- what war scenes. Kroger having 12oz. OJ for 79c

Saturday 1990 - [Ohio to Florida] Carolyn R. takes us to the airport for Delta flight to WPB at 7:03PM, nonstop, last of our 8 tickets, they expire next week.

Sunday 1991 - Went to Dayton, exchanged telephone answering machine at Phar-Mor. Ate at 7 Ruffles [can't find any restaurant in that area with that name] at Alex Bell Rd and I-675. Then to Xenia Public Library, they are adding an addition.

Monday 1992 - Went to Roland Grice's** house, then to Chillicothe to Probate Court, etc. Jean bought stuff at Aluminum [?] Outlet and glasses at Odd Lots. Supper at Hunan House was $14 and brought enough home for another meal. Mother still sleepy and didn't want to eat.

Saturday 1996 - Went to Sankers then we drove to the Window Garden Restaurant [can't find any current info on Window Garden although one site mentions it "came and went" and at 3077 Harrison Ave is now Henke Winery] on the west side of Harrison Ave. Vegetable plate was $8.95 as was the buffet. Then to Krohn Conservatory, pretty orchids. We purchased 2 small pots for $2 each.

Monday 1997 - Jean had Jan Widman talk on her mission trip to Russia at the Twig [hospital auxiliary] meeting last night. Greg [nephew] has left Elsie [Satterfield] and gone back to Florida.

Wednesday 1999 - [Portugal Spain trip through April 8]

*HH added in 2010: The old Hale Hospital bldg is still vacant, tho CMH (they are trying to find a buyer for the hospital itself as they are in debt some 40 Million from their building splurge) is going to spend some 200M to maintain the place. Wasn't Catherine a candy striper and did some volunteer work at CMH? The retirement area as such never got off the ground in that location, but was the start of what turned out to be Cape May (that is where Martha Ann Bernard lives and at one time we thought we would move there) at the edge of Wilmington.

Catherine said...Yes, I was a Candy Striper -- convinced me that a career in health care was not for me. I still have my Candy Striper uniform -- wore it a few years ago for Halloween. Probably wouldn't have saved it this long myself, but I think Mother gave it to me when you were cleaning some things out in New Vienna.

**Added by HH in 2010: I have forgotten how I got involved in an estate with people living in the country (Ross County) near Greenfield. It is always a new experience when one goes to a new county on a case, for each is sort of a law unto itself. It is so much easier when you know the staff by their first names and can talk about things other than the case.

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