Tuesday, March 15, 2011

March 16, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Thursday 1989 - GG brought a huge bag of fruit, sliced ham, pineapples, dried bananas and strawberries. Planted peas and spinach in garden.

Saturday 1991 - Planted 59 peas also cost 59¢ for the packet.

Tuesday 1993 - 17-year-old boy, charged with murder in Farmers Station of 38-year-old Mother*, whose daughter, 16, he had earlier kidnapped. Father also shot, but survived. Happened at 5AM.  Bob McEwen came in 2nd in Hamilton County Congressional race. Mother groggy but sure eats the grapes, she weighs 103 pounds.

Wednesday 1994 - Marshall Flippo special in Hillsboro, he is head of the square dance program at Kirkwood Lodge in Osage Beach, MO. Getting Bonnie Waters wrongful death action squared up.

Thursday 1995 - Legal seminar in Wilmington. Mary McElwee (43) [daughter-in-law of Glenn &  Betty] and a fellow from Zanesville put it on. Only 8 of us there. 3 hours credit and cost $60. Got new passports. Another great day.

Friday 1996 [this entry actually dated 3/16/95 also] - Mike Huff spoke, Mary Ella Pinkerton's grandson, quite windy. Planted grass seed at UMC. Left at 3:30 for Murphin Ridge with Bob and Audrey Terrell. She just celebrated her 75th birthday and wants to go to Boston and to Flathead Lake Montana where her brother has a summer home.

Sunday 1997 - Went to CM Hospital for the monthly dinner. Dr. Sachs, a urologist, spoke on incontinence problems. Then to Blanchester where the Blanchester UMC sponsored Becky Tirabassi who went about face 20 years ago to be a Christian, 399 present.

Tuesday 1999 - [Spain Portugal trip through April 8]

*Serena adds in 2011: The 1993 entry about the mother who was shot was actually someone that the Uible family knew at least to some extent - she was an elementary school friend of mine - Mary Lou Dean. She had a married name, but I don't recall that. It was all over the news - even in Cincy area, where I was living at the time, but I didn't realize until later that I actually knew her. She and I went to school together all 12 years. She worked at the CVS (Walgreens? some drugstore in Wilmington in the shopping center) for a number of years.

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