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1910 New Vienna Centennial Parade

In 1910 Wilmington and Clinton County celebrated the first 100 years of Clinton County's existence.  According to a 2010 article in the WNJ by Gary Huffenberger, "Attendance at the 1910 Clinton County and Wilmington centennial celebration was “unexpectedly large,” according to a Sept. 1, 1910, report in the Clinton County Democrat, a weekly local newspaper at the time. The largest attendance on any one day of the four-day Aug. 25-28 centennial homecoming was for the Friday, Aug. 26, parade. The paper said it probably would be conservative to estimate the number of parade spectators at 32,000."

Participating in the parade from New Vienna was the NV Band,  as well as the NV I.O.O.F. Band. "Purple and gold were adopted as the colors for New Vienna residents who participated in the parade. All New Vienna residents were requested to decorate their vehicles, horses, harness and so forth in those colors to identify them as coming from New Vienna."

Wilmington spent $5000 --In 1910 five thousand dollars was spent in remodeling the City Hall auditorium and in purchasing new equipment for its stage. This was done in preparation for the Wilmington and Clinton County Centennial and Home-coming.

New Vienna also had their own parade which featured bands, floats, and possibly civic and personal wagons and animals. Here's one picture taken from the Terrell Family photos, courtesy of Kenny Terrell and Mike Whited. [Kenny Terrell's* wife is a sister of Mike Whited's wife, Deb, of the Antioch area Dailey family.]
1910 Centennial Parade in New Vienna, featuring the New Vienna - Buzzard's Glory Entre Nous Club

The Entre Nous Club was a women's community group focusing on improvement and advancement, popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s, stressing informal study, name meaning "Among Ourselves" with membership by invitation and sometimes limited.  The purpose of the group was to broaden the individual viewpoint and outlook upon life.  Each member presented a lesson once a year, on a subject of her choice.  [Some of this information is from Clubs and Organizations of Harrison County Iowa, and from an article about Georgia O'Keefe.  Her mother, wife of a Wisconsin dairy farmer, was a member in the early 1900s.]

The History of the Iowa City Entre Nous Club says early club activities focused on home economics, but expanded to include poetic and dramatic readings and the club actively participated in local public service activities.  They were affiliated with [and later replaced by] the Federation of Women's Clubs.  Some clubs had goals such as trash cans on Main Street and other such "beautification" projects.

*According to the 1910 Census, there were four Terrell households in Wayne Township in 1910. [None shown in Green Township in 1910, but in both 1900 and 1920 there are Terrells in Green Township.] Any one or more of the following Terrells could be pictured except perhaps Doris and Paul Jr.:
Howard, 30, mother Millie age 53, brother Rendel H. age 20
Hugh, 61, son Frank age 28, daughter Jamie age 25, daughter Lillian age 17
James G., 30, brother indecipherable age 25, sister Bertie age 34, sister Edith E. age 35, mother Edith H. age 64
Paul T., 36 - Wife indecipherable possibly Shellie [that seems too "modern" perhaps?], age 31 or 37, daughter Doris age 6, and son Paul Jr., 4.

Of course the picture could have been taken by a Terrell or be of a Terrell spouse.  Anyone have a guess where the picture might have been taken?  I think possibly on the school grounds -- buildings in the background are not readily identified, but don't look like Main Street.  Wonder if they are all decked out in purple and gold?

HH adds: My guess is that the picture was taken behind the school building, with the big building in the background being the school. The roof outline of the houses face College Street (the end away from our house). That Frank Terrell mentioned is probably the one that sold CJU their house in 1925. He had a grandson Hugh Terrell.

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