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March 22, 1989-99

HH's Diary 1989-1999 [lightly edited]

Wednesday 1989 - WNJ Business Edition - full page ad is $653, 1/2 page $350, 1/4 $200, 1/8 $135. Circulation is 7800 and read (?) by 23,400. Received picture of GHU from Joe Horton, gift of Roberta, arrived super wrapped. Got our Delta 8-pack of tickets for $640 each.

Thursday 1990 - [Georgia - South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee] Took tour of Savannah, $11 each with Preservation Society, good value, continental breakfast included, very tasty. More peanut butter sandwich en route to Johnson City TN to see the Zooks. Ate at cafeteria in Asheville, $8.04 for the 2 of us. Overnight at the Zooks. They quit the Carmel Corn business in September, 1988, and have plans to go to Havana next month.

Friday 1991 - Jean got out West Virginia yearbook.

Monday 1993 - [Kentucky to Ohio] Got haircut at $4 and gas for 93.9¢ in Williamsburg. Had lunch at James Tavern [Now called Parkers Blue Ash Tavern] in Blue Ash, real nice.

Tuesday 1994 - Met Serena for supper at the Best Cafe in Lebanon, one of the dishes was the Chez special and also an Urbanic. Got blurb in mail about voting for Gordon Rose for C.P. Judge.

Thursday 1995 - Jean fixed black bean soup for supper. Called Morgans, Catherine is getting stocks that you can buy direct. My poison ivy is much better. The pills are all arranged on a card, a line for each day and each day I take 1 less pill for the 6 days, starting with 6 pills the first day

Friday 1996 - John called us about the plans for Joseph and had earlier sent us a letter. Also a letter from Mrs. Sams about how nice and how helpful MV had been to their family at the time of the death of Mr. S. In WNJ about Pete Overstreet forging the Judge's signature.

Saturday 1997 - Jean went to CMH Easter Egg Hunt and got some garden seed at Ace Hardware, 79¢ a scoop and at Odd Lots for 50¢ a packet. Planted the seeds. Also transplanted 5 evergreen trees. Hauled 3 loads of leaves from Mother's yard. Helen Kuntzman called us - she plans to work until the end of this year. Karol has gotten a divorce, her husband was an alcoholic.

Monday 1999 - [Portugal and Spain trip through April 8]

MV adds:
1996 - Mrs. Sams (Kay) must have written on the death of her husband, Vic. Must have done okay...her husband was same size as Don and she gave Don many of his NICE tailored clothes. :)

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