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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr.26

April 26, 1975
Dear Family,

Well – big plans are being made down here.  I still don't know anything definite about a job for the summer – though I stopped in to see George M (district supervisor for Ranch House_ and said he had gotten a letter from Hudson Farm & had sent them back a letter saying the only thing I had going against me was that I am a lady.  He doesn't care for idea of women managers, etc.

I'm at work now – it's slow – and will be till about next November.  I'm really living the carefree life now – as this week 'm just working today only – getting off tomorrow since G'ma is leaving & all.

Now – as for the plans being made at this end.  Aunt Mary & Uncle bill are leaving May 14th w/ the Buick on the auto-train.  They are going up for a big wedding – Bob Fryer's [?] – if you remember him, and then to visit w/ the Kintners.  They will be gone about 2 weeks – through Memorial Day.  At the end of their vacation they will be going to New Vienna leave the Buick there & fly back.

A one-way ticket from WPB to Cincy costs $88 but if you can make your reservations at least 1 week in advance & be gone for more than 3 days – but less than 30 days – a round trip ticket only costs $127.  So – I was thinking that I might pay the $40 difference and fly up north June 3rd when my classes are over.  Which means if you all are still planning on coming down in June I could drive down w/you all – OR – we could just forget all about June 15th.  It's up to you all.

Now – should I not get the job in New Jersey – Aunt Mary & Uncle bill can still take the Buick up – then I'll just stay here till you all get home and drive back w/ you all.  If I should get the job – I think it would be best for me to plan on flying up to New Jersey from her – or New Vienna.

I just wrote Serena that should she want the Buick this summer she is welcome to it.

I also wrote John this past week – asking him about when he goes back to school in the fall.  I was thinking that he – or whoever wanted to could drive to New Jersey – pick me up – then we could drive on up and see Catherine & X – then take him to school – and back home again.

I'll be glad when I know something definite about this summer.  I haven't made an exact count – but I have heard from about 15 of the places I wrote to – most of them saying – "sorry – but all filled up."

I was so cold this afternoon I finally broke down & bought a sweater.  I needed a good button down sweater anyway.

We're now at Patricia Murphy's – just had a delicious  meal – now waiting for dessert!!

I'll let you all know as soon as I know something definite about this summer.

Love, Berta

Please don't be looking for a letter from me this week – as I've got mid terms coming up – starting Thursday.  The only one I'm worried about is Biology.

[The following written in another handwriting – probably Uncle Bill's, added at the end of the letter]

Harold – I have a good buy in Gulf States Utilities – coming in a secondary on Tuesday  11¼-½ per share – has been on our recommend list for a long time.  I still have 1000 shares unsold as of now.  Have sold 7000 shares – good dividend coverage – quality.

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Catherine Uible Morgan said...

From HH: Interesting note on the blog about Uncle Bill promoting the purchase of some electric utility stock He was always strong on electric utilities, which have even less growth potential than even NB &T. We did have good timing on the phone utilities.

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