Thursday, May 28, 2015

1975 MV's Letter -May 28

Dear Bert,

Hi!  Got your letter today.  Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill got here safely about 1:30.  We had Ruth in and when we took her home we left from Grandma's.  All four of us rode in the front seat of the Buick. (Mom, Dad, Ruth & I)  We were packed tighter than sardines (sp?) in a ¼ ounce can.  It was all I could do to breath. [sic]

We have exams tomorrow and Friday.  We have 6 days left of school or 36 hours or 2,160 minutes.  I just hope I pass.  The only exams I'm worried about are English, Math, & SCIENCE.

This summer I'm on a softball team.  We had a practice game last Saturday.  Then we had a real game Tues., We lost the practice game by two points.  We won the real game 12-11.

I can't wait to go traveling when school is out.  I can't wait to go to New Jersey & Phil., & Montreal, & Chicago.  I'm also going to church camp & G.S. camp.  I don't know if I can stand another week of M... & her big mouth [small drawing with words SHUT UP in a circle] for a week.  I think I would rather stay home and clean all day long the whole week! HA!  Sometimes I think she is full of shaving cream.

I bet Rob can't wait till Aunt Mary gets back.  We had a feast last night of turkey, Mashed Potatoes, brocali (sp?) [sic], rolls, stuffing, jello, etc. etc.

Well, I want to get this mailed tomorrow morning.

M.V. Uible

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