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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 5

May 5, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  I'm waiting in the library to get a copy of this weeks outside reading for Death & Dying.  We only have  2  more actual classes in there – as it only meets once a week – and it meets on Mondays – so we won't have it Memorial Day – and on June 2nd our take home exam is due.

Last  night at the Breakers was something else.  I have never seen anything like it!  Just in the "meat line" they had – carved Turkey, shrimp, tuna fish salad, chicken salad, liverworst (sp?), bar bqued (sp!) chicken, spare ribs, and prime ribs!  I don't think I left anything out!

There were about 1200 people there.  Also the dresses there were something else.  I borrowed a long pink gown from Dee – a girl-friend of mine.  It was plain – but served the purpose well.  I was too cheap to by a dress!  John – one of the guys that went w/ me took a camera & took alot of pictures.  If any of them came out I'll have to get some copies made.

Next time I type a letter to you all – I'll include more details of it all.

I had the car down to Troyden's [?] today for a "check-up" before it's trip North.  It ended up being a little more than I expected as they found the brakes bad – put on new brake shoes, etc!  It was $133 for everything!  That the 1st expense (except for gas & oil) since just before Christmas.  Not bad . . . . . .

Tomorrow I see the All-State people – I'm prepared for them.  Have 2 written estimates plus the receipt for the paint job & getting the car "dent free "  Also have the accident report and a name of a local attorney!  I don't mess around – HA!

Got to go – Biology Midterm will be OVER this time tomorrow!  Then – no tests till June 3rd!!


PS It's raining hard out and we really need it!!

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