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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 27

The red ink on most of the first page of this letter did not scan well. The "enhancement" of the image isn't much better, but does make it more readable.

May 27, 1975
Dear Family,

Hello – hope everyone had a nice Memorial Day week-end!  As you know I spent mine working – but we were very slow – I got some work done on my paper "Death & Dying" and some reading done.  In my 'srare' time I've been reading travel books – esp. those having to do w/ South Central Asia – My yellow fever (sp?) shot is good for 10 years – I had my passport out tonight – looking at the yellow part inside!!!

Leslie – the girl at Burdines – who sent to Europe last year and I – are making plans to leave after Oct. 1st.  I am going to start being super-thrifty in the mean-time.

Dad – you will never guess what I sold Sunday to a rich (he had to be!) old man!  I didn't even know we had them in the department – they were in a small red veleteen [sic] bag – a jack set – a $5.00 jack-set!!  I was so taken in by it – he gave me the rules – which I'll enclose.  Nothing new – but thought you might like to take a look at them.

I've enjoyed doing research on the questions for the Death & Dying exam –– my Statistic's tutor's brother-in-law is one of the biggest in the business in WPB – I got in to talk to him – through her.  His name is Quatlebaum.  He gave me all kinds of hints of books, pamphlets, etc. – all "pro Funeral."  As for some statistics – there are app. 22,500 funeral homes in the U.S. w/ current # of death per year – 1.9 million – making for a ratio of app. 85 funerals per funeral home per year.  There is app. 1 funeral home for every 9,300 (living).  They tend to be very stable – some are in the 4th generation of a family.  In 1973 – average annual compensation for an owner was $16,888, plus an average return of app $65 per funeral.  Well enough – oh – did you know in most states to be licensed as a funeral home director – you must also be licensed as an  embalmer!!

I've got to take a rest from writing – as that is all I've been doing all day – 1st biology, then social welfare – then working on my D&D paper.  I got the worst over w/ 1st!!  I do miss my typewriter – I tried Aunt Mary's but . . . . .  I'm spoiled!

It's now Wednesday morning – Rob just got off to school – after eating his cold cereal!

We got your card yesterday Aunt Mary – had hoped to hear about the wedding – I'm glad the weather has been good for golfing.

Mattie called last night – guess she cleans for a lawyer on Thursdays and he got her out of jury duty.

There has been alot in the news about O'Malley – I'm enclosing an article concerning him.  also sending a picture of what your dining room talbe looks like – be glad you are gone!

I've talked to some people that know where Andover. New Jersey is.  They said that is was a pretty place – mountainous, also I was told it would get cool at night.  I guess there are several camps in the area.

I read in today's paper about the price of gas going up.

Just a week from today I'll be flying home – it doesn't seem possible.  But until then – I have lots to do – such as studying & getting a tan!  (Ho, Hum!)  At least I don't have any major packing to do.


Yesterday I bought a grand total of  2  graduation announcements – I'm sending one to Grandma – all of you can "check it out."

The boy ahead of me bought 150 – bet he's really planning on hauling in the gifts – HA!  You were supposed to buy blank name cards to enclose but I couldn't see the sense in that!

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