Sunday, May 10, 2015

1975 Lois Bruce Letter -May 8

May 8, 1975
Dear Uibles,

It was good to hear from you & hear all about your family I was hoping maybe you were coming this way.

Yes, we did New Zealand & Australia by bus & we loved it.  The deal included plane fare, buses anyplace, planes in country & hotels.  We being older than you felt it was much better than driving.  For one thing they all drive on the "wrong" side.  Having done that in Great Britain in 1964 we didn't want to repeat it.  We were limited to 5 weeks so spent 2 in Aus. & 3 in N.Z.  The scenery in N.Z. is more spectacular we used a plane only once – to fly to Alice Springs from Sydney.  THe buses were often local jobs & it was so much fun & we saw so much country side.  Often we'd meet up with people we had met 2 or 3 days before.  We were with "Royal Road Tours" which is based in Hawaii.  Let us know if you go – & I hope you will.  One thing to remember – when we cashed $100 traverl's check we received $70 – it may be worse now Food there was as high as here & not so good.

We spent 2 days this week in the desert – beautiful – the last of May we're going north for 2-3 weeks probably not father tan Portland but we'll see.

Let us hear –

Love T & L [Tom, 1901-1983, & Lois, 1906-1991, Bruce]

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