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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 8

May 8, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Things seem to be going pretty well – yesterday got my final grade in the science course at the junior college – 'C' – about what I expected.

But today got back my midterm in Biology & Social Welfare.  Got a  78  on the biology exam (82 would have been a 'B') and an  A  out of Social Welfare!!  Now – I'll have to keep this up in June and I'll come through  OK !

Had a post-card today from Serena – guess she can use the Buick this summer.  Also got the signed contract back from Mr. Reem at Hudson Farm – he wrote a note saying it would be fine to get there either the 18th or 19th.

I thought about my future job last night down at the Church – as Aunt Mary took me to the Mother-Daughter Banquet – and there were  140  people there.  Can you imagine having that many people to serve every meal?  It should be an experience!!

Grandma – we got your letter yesterday.  I read all about the new wing at Americare.  I'm glad Mrs. Matthews got a room in the new part.

Last night at the Banquet several people said to tell you hello.  I'm not sure of many of the names – except Mrs. McGrew was there and said she had written you.  She was very dressed up – wig, long dress, etc.

The dinner and program were very good.  Carol Huffman sang & Mrs. Rabb played the piano.  I think Aunt Mary enjoyed sitting back & watching the program.

Next week is my last week at Sabal Palm – 2 days next week I am to talk to some of the classes.  One talk to be about different jobs in a restaurant & the other talk to be about being a waitress.  Most of the kids (ones older than 16) do not return to school – instead are turned out into the job market!!

One of the teachers out there gave me a beautiful pair of ear-rings and told me she appreciated all the help I had been!  I was really taken by surprise there!!

A week from Saturday (the 17th of May) our Biology class is going to Jonathan Dickinson Park to canoe.  Out of 8 in our class there were only  7  of us experienced canoe-ers!

Mary Virginia – thanks for your letter!  That is some stationery!  I'm glad you liked the cap – you know what it advertises don't you?  Campbell's Soup!

Now Friday morning – hope to get alot of my packing done today – of things going in the Buick.

Mary V – how was your weekend w/Serena?  How did you get there?  The jamboree you went to sounded like alot of fun.  Did you meet alot of people there?

Aunt Mary is among the living – she is just busy – but you will be seeing her in person in a couple of weeks!

Thanks for all the letters –



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