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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 11

May 11, 1975
Dear Family,

Hello!  Just got off the phone about a half hour ago from talking to you all.  I wish you could see my room -- also I've got stuff scattered out in Grandma's room and in the dining room.  Trying to get things in order to go . . . . . . . . you know the train pulls out Wednesday.

I was thinking and I have reached a decision . . . . . instead of coming to Florida . . . . a flying trip down and then to New Jersey, I would rather spend that time seeing some sights closer to New Jersey.  You all can come to see me get my Master's . . . . . I've decided I would get it . . . . . by the time I'm 35 that is.  Treat me to a nice meal on the 15th and I'll be happy.  Besides June (except for low prices) is not the time to come to Florida.  The only thing I would be out is 8.50 cents . . . . for the cap and gown.  I'd rather wait and come to Florida next winter or whenever Grandma is here.

I only have Biology six more times . . . . can you believe it?  Still can't get over the News Journal carrying the news as to my graduation.  I had a slip of paper to fill out as to that; but it got thrown out.  I'm sure alot of people in Clinton County have heard of Florida Atlantic University.

Did have a busy day at work . . . . I was surprised.  Tomorrow The mother's Day cards go back and the Father's Day cards go out.  This is the busy season for the card industry.  Also with graduation cards . . . . . everything from Kintergarden [sic]  to Doctor's degree.

Next Saturday . . . . or rather this coming Saturday my Biology class is going to Jonathan Dickenson Park canoeing . . . . I'm trying to talk Rob into going with me . . . . so he can do the paddling.  It should be a fun day . . . . the professor in there is really nice.

Mary Virginia, I'll like to hear more about your weekend in Toledo.  Especially the bus trip.  Don't you thing [sic] you will want to come to New Jersey to visit me on the bus????

Oh . . . it's a very small world . . . . was talking to a customer today and she was telling me she was from New York City.  So then I asked her if she knew of Andover New Jersey.  She did.  Well, to make a long story short her son is graduating from college in about two weeks someplace in the East and he had just had his first almost promising interview in Sanford Maine with the newspaper there.  So then I said I thought that was my Cousin's business; but I wasn't sure. [Actually Tom Walkley had a publishing business in Sanford, but no connection with the newspaper.]  She got all excited and took my address and name, etc.  She told me she knew I wouldn't have any trouble finding a job because I was such a good sales woman.  We'll see how true that is!

Dad, please be thinking about what we could do in the Eastern part of the United states a few days before June 18th.  I'd much rather do that than drive to Florida, then turn around and go to New Jersey.  Also you all will be spending some time with the Hortons the last of this month.

I would really like a miracle oven.  But, may wait to buy.  Am planning on checking out the prices though.  Have bough alot with my discount . . . . . . set of springs and mattresses for the Hortons also silverware for the Hortons.

Have to be going to bed . . . . Sabal Palm tomorrow . . . . but Thank Goodness this is my last week there.


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