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1975 Catherine's Letter -May 8

May 8, 1975

Dear Mom, Dad, and Mary,

Happy Mother's Day!  Thanks for your latest letter which we received yesterday.  We have been pretty busy - X between the house and the library, and me between Stop & Go, the library, and I'm beginning to pack things up for our big move next month.

The house is really coming along.  The electricity is all in, the wirings been done for the telephones, the sheetrock is up, all the plumbing stuff has been bought and that is what X is working on at the moment (yellow-gold fixtures).  He has also been clearing the new driveway.  We had the well dug - they went down 210 feet.

Spring is being very slow in arriving here.  Our grass is nowhere near mowing yet - although Mr. Dart across the street "manicured" his this week.  The trees have mostly all budded but there aren't many leaves yet.  Tuesday it did get up in the 60;s with a little bit of sun, but yesterday was a cold rainy day with temperatures back down in the 40's.

It was good to see John.  The fish market was an OK place.  As I recall John had fish and chips.  I think he said that anything tasted better than dining hall food.  It was the first time I had seen his room - we also got the honor of seeing his green boots.

Yes, I have had no further problem with my teeth although I may get the bottom two pulled at some future date. [Had the third wisdom tooth pulled about 2012 and still have the fourth.]

I assume Grandma must be back in New Vienna by now since I talked to her on the telephone on morning when Roberta called me and she said she was going back sometime soon.  Glad to hear that Roberta got the New Jersey job.

Well, I'll try to be more regular in the future in sending letters your way.

Love, Catherine & X

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