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1975 Roberta's Letter -Apr.22

April 22, 1975

Dear Family,

Hi!  Had my science final tonight – it was about as bad as I thought it would be.  I knew it was about my time to get a "D" _ though I might be able to get a "C" out of it.

To my surprise, I've already heard from  2  of the places I wrote concerning a job.  One was from Connecticut (sp?) saying they weren't hiring anyone now and the other was from Minnesota – Lutsen Resort in Lutsen, Minnesota.  It was a nice letter from them – asking how long I would work (how late in the fall) and also would I be willing to do other stuff.  I sent them a letter – by return mail!

I got my pay check from UPS today for my 1st week there.  It was for $88.00 dollars.  Now, you've got to admit – that is good $ for a part time job.  But, I'm still glad I quit – it just wasn't worth it!

Mary V – I'm sending you some of the stuff I've been helping Kids w/ out at Sabal Palm.  I've learned alot about fractions since I've been out there.  All the kids out there work on their own pace – which generally means they don't do too much!  They are planning an all day field trip – for the older students to some of the different businesses around. (Telephone comp. etc.)They have asked me to go go along as one of the chaperones.

OH!  I guess I hadn't told you that they asked me at Sabal Palm if I would be interested in a job as house parent.  I told them that I had already made my plans to be up north – but Mr. Bricci [?] (head of Sabal Palm) was very nice & told me if I changed my mind to let him know.  Those kids would be too much for me!!

I've got mid-terms coming up next week at F.A.U.  June will be here before I know it!

I just had a letter from Vanessa – she still isn't working.  She said she hated to get tied down w/ a job now that ball season is getting started.

I should send you a copy of my resume –it sounded and look good – if I say so myself.  I had a half of page of work experiences –

I've been waiting for Pat to finish her exam – here she comes now.

I was thinking I might drive up after June 3rd to Ohio – then drive down w/ you all then fly to NYC around June 18th from here.  W/ the no frills - you can fly from WPB to NYC for only $61, which isn't too bad.

I also got a letter yesterday from Sequiua (sp?) Parks in California – just got an application to fill out.

And also got letter from Mary V – thanks alot – and would you believe a nice letter from J.B.  SO yesterday was quite a good day for me as far as mail goes.

Wow!  Sure was happy to get home last night and get the following letter.  How does it sound to you all?  I'm also enclosing the rough draft of the letter I just wrote them.  I'm enclosing all the information the Hudson Guild man sent me.  Please send it back to me after you're done with it – ok?

Mary V – let me know if you like the puzzles.  Well got to go – it's my morning to be at Sabal Palm.

Love, Berta

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