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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 25

May 25, 1975
Dear Grandma – et al,

Thought I better "kill a couple of birds w/ one stone" and get a letter off to all of you!

We're doing fine at 1025 North 'B' Street.  By now "the travellers" are on their last leg of the trip.  Hope you're not sorry that you are flying home – instead of going via auto-train!

This last week has really gone fast.  We got our take home final in death & dying – five essay questions.  Since the entire class grade will be based on it, I've been trying to put something together that sounds pretty good!

Rob has really been studying this past week – twice I've come home from school & he was at the kitchen table busy at work!  I've been kidding him that it's a shame I didn't get my camera out!  He really seems to like his literature course ––

Wednesday Aunt Sarah & I took off about 1:00 – heading North.  We reach Peanock (?) Point w/ out too much trouble.  I just got lost once – after we were in Jupiter.  Aunt Sarah had an excellent memory of where everything was – we stopped to see several of the people that lived near her.  She could hardly recognize the house she used to live in –– it's now a mansion type place – has a big gate you drive through etc.  Guess 2 families have lived there since her – both adding on all around the original house.

I was quite taken in by the beautiful views and the calmness of it all.  We took the scenic view down – but came back on I-95 – that only took about 45 minutes!

Mattie was here Wednesday morning all excited!  She has been called for jury duty starting next week.  She liked the idea of getting paid for it – but that's about it!

Grandma, we got your letter – thanks – also the letter from the family came yesterday.  The Uible family in New Vienna will really be growing by leaps & bounds this week!

Friday Dorothy & I met out at Mrs. Fraziers.  Her three kids really keep her busy & jumping.  She quizzed us on some of the formulas from statistics – it was amazing how many I remembered!  We all had some good laughs – she showed us some of the things she bought w/ the money from us – it was money well spent!

I have been reading Pan Am World Guide (that Aunty Mary "won" at the Breakers) and have invested in another book of my own.  You know my passport is only good til 1977!

I would like to go to Australis but you're talking about $1,700.00 (transportation alone) there!  I've called /air-India and you can buy a round trip ticket from NYC to either Bombay or Delhi for $617.00  You have to stay 14 days to 120 days – w/ NO stopovers allowed.  I don't think I would want to start & end my trip at the same place though.

I've also read where you can fly to London – then take a bus ride to Nepal – going through Europe, Turkey, Iran, Afghan. – into Pakistan, India and finally Nepal.  How does that sound?

Right now I'm waiting on my rebate check – HA!

Dad – I read the article about Bill Hoag & his food business – someday I will be a successful businesswoman running a dynamic outfit!  Ho, Hum.  If I can get my Masters it will be in business.!!!

I'm enclosing the picture taken of me at the Breakers – please keep it.  The color is bad – as the dress was a pinker pink!

Well – I've got to go – wanted to get this in the mail this morning – if I don't get down to see Aunt Sarah she will wonder what's up –––

See you all soon!


Do I have an appointment w/ the Dr. for a physical?

I'm not interested in seeing dear Dr. Thompson – think I'll put my $ out for a diet doctor – HA!

Aunt Mary & Uncle Bill –– maybe you all could take Am-track back –– ! since you enjoyed going up so much!

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