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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 6

This letter was included with a Mother's Day card (Hallmark 50¢)  Inside the card is written:  Flowery language just wouldn't be me, So I'll simply say . . . you're as nice as can be.  HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! --Thought I'd like to get you a more "serious" & pretty card!  Love, Berta

May 6, 1975
Dear Family,

I think my typewriter needs a new ribbon -- but hopefully it will make it till the end of my college career!!!  I remember when I got this typewriter -- my first year in college out in Newberg, Oregon.  I owe my success to it.  ha, ha.

I was prepared for them out at All-State today.  I first let them look at the car and then they said about $210.00, so I produced my two estimates.  I had gotten a third one from Paul's -- that is the place that painted the car.  It was for 20.00 less than the other two estimates.  I left it at home (on purpose) I walked out of there -- after an hour of messing with them -- with a check made out to me for 243.00!!!!!  Paul's estimate was 221.00!!!!  I have an appointment to take it in to him this Thursday afternoon.  Now, hopefully the end of this month you all will see the Buick in tip-top shape!!!  I haven't heard from Serena yet as to the car -- maybe she would rather have your Dodge over the summer . . . . .

Only have six more mornings at Sabal Palm.  This morning I took my Biology notes out with me and was studying for the test this afternoon.  One of the boys came up to me . . . . said he wouldn't wast his time studying if he were me . . . . just learn how to shift your eyes.  He's one of the many comics out there.  

Mother, I'm glad you liked the sweather. [sic]  Did I tell you that was your Mother's Day present?  Mary Virginia, I liked the Monkey pin the best myself.  I've also got an owl pin -- really got it for myself but doubt if I'll ever wear it so you all can have it.

The biology test this afternoon was different than I had expected.  He had told us it would be true and false, multiple choice, and matching.  It turned out to be fill-in-the-blanks (with us picking the answers out of our own heads.)  Now I've just got my finals to worry about.

I told hem at Burdines that May 25tgh would be my last day.  Please note that I'm not planning on working my last week in Florida.  They couldn't have been nicer -- said they had gotten a letter from New Jersey and had given me a good recommendation -- even though it meant tat would be losing me for the summer.

Now with midterms over tomorrow I have to get on the stick and get some boxes . . . . start packing things to go North.  I am planning on everything of mine being in New Vienna -- shouldn't be too much . . . . with the Hortons taking alot, me taking some on the plane, and the rest (whatever little bit that's left) can go up with you all.  I've got to figure out what I'm going to get myself into after September 1st.'

Oh, wanted to tell you all more about the Breakers.  It was just all something else.  It was much more formal than I had expected.  They had a giant buffet in one of the rooms; then tables set up all over the place.  In one of the rooms right on the ocean (one of the bigger ones) there was a dance band.  About ten thirty after everyone had drank too much . . . . most everyone formed a snake . . . . know what I mean?  One person follows another.  We joined all that.  It weaved in and out of all these rooms.  Never in my life had I seen so much drinking . . . . everywhere there was a bar or whatever.  Everything was free.  It was a nice inexpensive evening!!!!  I couldn't get over the food.  On one table they had a giant horn of plenty with every kind of fresh fruit imaigable (misspelled that!!!)  Then beside it they was [sic] a giant bowl of fresh fruit salad . . . . big strawberries, chunks of pineapple, bananas, you name it.  Also there was a bowl of melon balls . . . .

 There was a separate table for desserts . . . . except none of us had any . . . . . Just think of food enough for 1200 people!!!!!!!! Oh, there were beautiful carvings made out of ice.  Some swans, etc.  I wish now I had gone to the Breaks for a job instead of Ranch House.  (talk about opposites.)

Hate to quit now that I have just started a new page, but I have to have my sleep for tomorrow. . . . . in the morning it's out to Sabal Palm then tomorrow night go to the Mother-Daughter at the Church.

Thanks for all the letters that come this way.  Have a Happy Mother's Day.  Mary Virginia -- are you going to cook the meal; or how about doing up the dishes???  Ma Telephone will be doing good business this Sunday . . . . I think I will wait till my birthday to call you all up . . .  . think the Hortons are going to call Grandma up that morning . . . . think the idea now is about eight in the morning . . . . . . .


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