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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 19

May 19, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Had my last Death & Dying class tonight – had a funeral home director there tonight to speak – most interesting!  He had gone to law school – said that 1 our of 4 funeral directors go – guess they really concentrate on estate stuff (probably so they can 'collect up' better).  Did you know that some funeral homes perform marriages now?

We got our take home exam tonight – due June 2nd. I can feel all the work coming in on me now these last 2 weeks!

I got Birthday money from Grandma, the Hortons, Aunt Sara, and along w/ a few dollars of my own had a good day shopping on Saturday.  It rained all day – would have been a bad day to be in a canoe!

I bought a neat pair of tennis shoes – a combination of blue denim and tan suede.  Also got a giant size bright red beach towel that I hope to get a lot of good out of the next 2 weeks and over the summer.

Also got a good leather address book – I had been needing one.  Today I stopped at the post office and bought a roll of 10¢ stamps, and a book of 8¢ ones – so I'm well stocked for the summer!

As for your generous check – I put it in the bank today – my savings account hit an all-time high.  I plan to keep it there till next fall when I'll ???.  I would like to do some travelling before I settle down & have to work for a living.

Have even been thinking about going overseas – someplace different and out of the ordinary.  Called Pan Am the other day about India – you can buy a round trip ticket there for $1020.00!  I've been talking to a girl at Burdines who roughed it in Europe for 3 months. I think that is the way I'd like to do it.

If I should stay around (not travel) I'm going to try to land a decent job near where I can go to school – after hearing the funeral director tonight I'd like to take some business courses & others in that area.  It would be just like running any kind of business – you wouldn't have to mess w/ dead bodies.  Or I'd like to take some courses in restaurant / food management.  Let's face it – people are always going to be eating & dying (just once on the dying though).

I felt pretty bad about Jay Brown – I called Wednesday night to see how he was doing, when they told me he had died that morning.  He would have been 20 the next day.  Vanessa's Mom seemed to be taking it much better than her Dad.  Vanessa still isn't working – I doubt if she'll get a job now till after ball season is over.

Mary Virginia – how is your soft ball coming?  What teams do you play?  What position do you play?  I always sat on the bench!!

This morning it was so nice getting up knowing that I wouldn't have to go to Sabal Palm.  I will go back to doing waitress work before I take a job w/ delinquent kids!  But – my last day there was a riot – all the teachers said if I ever needed a reference they would be glad to write me a good one & alot of the kids gave me their address so I would write them (ho, hum!) the principal told me to look him up I wanted to work there next year.  They could not have been nicer to me.

This morning I went to the beach – but – had some bad luck as I was leaving.  I missed a step & fell down.  Didn't hurt myself at all but my sunglasses (prescription) fell of and now I only have 1 lens.  So – could you call up Dr. Morand and order a left lens for my sunglasses?  I don't think my eyes have gotten any worse – or better – since I got my sunglasses – which will be 2 years this September.

The worst part was that I had not taken my regular glasses w/ me – so had to drive back home a a real disadvantage.  I'll miss my sunglasses the next 2 weeks – but luckily enough I didn't break my regular ones!!

I had a nice letter today from Shirley McCoy – if you remember please tell her I appreciated her letter.  I'll try to drop her a note though.

My Memorial Day – no – my last weekend here got ruined – as May 31st is the day my Biology prof. got the bus for us to go to the Everglades.  It will only cost us $3.00 – plus our lunch.  Not Bad!  It is to be an all day trip – we are to leave the school at 6:00 A.M!

We got a card today from the Hortons – I wonder if they will ever take the auto-train again.

Tonight I pulled in a station to fill the car up w/ gas & at the price am convinced it would be crazy for us to make a flying trip to Florida & back up North.  Also – did you know they give out 'dummy' diplomas June 15th?  But guess right after the service you can pick up the real thing – or they will mail it out.

It's time to get some sleep – will add on in the morning.  I sure miss my typewriter!

Now Tuesday morning – looks like another good day to go to the beach.  I only go for about an hour or 2 at a time –

I was very impressed w/ Valle's really a good meal!  I had a seafood platter – w/ salad (that was as big as a chef salad I had gotten for lunch) and potato.  Valle's is right off I-95 in Fort Lauderdale.  Now I-95 is finished from delray to Fort Laud. – then a stretch isn't done yet then you can get back on it going into Miami.  I can get  to school alot faster using it – going down Congress Ave. to Delray – I-95 is just East of Congress.  You can see F.A.U. from I-95 – and the exit is very close to the school – beats US-1 by a long shot!

I better go – please give Dr. Morand a call as to my sunglasses.

Two weeks from today is my last exam ––– I better be getting ready . . . . . .


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