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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 1

A Florida Traffic Accident Report was enclosed with this letter but is not scanned.  The report indicates that at 12:45pm on April 30, 1975 Roberta was involved in an accident at the corner of South Dixie Highway and Okeechobee Blvd. in WPB.  The other driver, born in 1912 (but listed as 58 years-old – one of those numbers is incorrect), was charged with failure to drive in designated lane.  The 1965 Buick, driven by Roberta, was estimated to have approximately $200 damage.

* * * * *
May 1, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Can you believe this is May 1!!!  Was nice talking to you all last night.  Seemed I really had the news, I'm releived [sic] now that I know I've got the job.  Also things are shaping up as far as my coming North.  I was afraid I would have trouble getting the Hortons to make reservations (which are necessary to get the reduced are; as to my return trip) but I called Delta last night; then relayed the messages and called them back to make the reservations.  Now, that's what you call a run-on sentence.

I'm enjoying my one free morning from Sabal Palm this morning -- first off had to go to the police department and get a copy of the accident report, etc.  I'm enclosing a copy of it -- don't need it back.  Then I called All-State and have made an appointment for them to look at the car next Tuesday.  I don't know if I will have time to get it fixed or not before it goes North.  I'm afraid the police officer messed up on his estimates as they told me at the Chevrolet place yesterday that it would cost between 250.00 and 300.00 dollars to get my car fixed. (mostly labor) Those chrome pieces came off -- they are 12.00 dollars a piece to replace.  It wouldn't have made me feel so bad; except the car was looking so nice since I had it painted.

I'm also enclosing the letter from Mr. Ream [not in the envelope in 2015, presumably from Hudson Guild] and the other page that has some information about this and that on it.  I'm lucky that towels, sheets, etc are furnished.  It does say that I need a physical, so I was wondering about the new doctor -- if you could make an appointment sometime that week in June when I will be home.  Nothing extensive -- just need to let them know I'm still breathing.  I would like the letter and yellow sheet back; but no hurry on it.

Rob had his last exam this morning.  He has off all of next week then he will start a summer semester that is only six weeks long.  He was hoping to work at the school (Palm Beach County System) where he had worked some last fall but the woman called this morning and guess their budget is tight.

I better close -- have my first midterm this afternoon.  That the first test I've had this quarter.  The Biology prof. is always threatening to give us a test -- he scares us into studying.

Are you all ready for another slumber party very soon????  YES??? Pleas say hello to Grandma for me; guess Aunt Mary wrote her yesterday so there isn't much new news.


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