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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 15

May 15, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Was nice talking to you all last night . . . . . it was funny that I was like sound asleep because I had just gone to bed about 9:30.  Got a whole slew of birthday cards yesterday.  One from John, Serena, Catherine and X, and a miniature one from Mary Virginia.  You must have gotten it in Columbus  - - - did You?

I am at Sabal Palm this morning, my last morning here . . . . . the last two weeks I've been her four mornings a week, which with classes and all hasn't left much time for anything else.

I got everything packed and headed North now except for what I'll be taking with me on June 4th.  Oh, I changed my flight to a 8:00 flight which will get me to Cincinnati about 11:31.  The time, flight # on Aunt Mary's return ticket is the old one so don't go by it.  I'll be glad to have these last finals done.

This Saturday instead of going to Jonathan Dickenson Park and go canoeing I am going to Miami shopping with two other girls.  We have been talking about going a long time.  I never have been in the Burdines in Miami and have always wanted to see it.  I'm working at Burdines tomorrow (Friday) instead of Saturday as I usually do.  Their annual Christmas Card sale starts the first week in June.  I'm thankful I won't be there.  I also missed out on it last year; but two years ago I was there for it.  I've changed typewriters since starting this letter -- this is a manual -- quite a difference when you are spoiled to an electric one.

Also got a card from Nancy Walker yesterday.  She is leaving for Mexico City in June.  She might stay there for the summer or is thinking about looking around in Texas for a job.  K take it Jackie has not been very good . . . . how long has she been subbing?

I don't know exactly where I would like to go before going to New Jersey, but it just seems like to much of a waste of time, etc to drive to Florida just to put on a cap and gown and march around.  We can observe an hour of silence on the 15th in honor of the occassion [sic]. (ha, ha) You all have seen the school, and the way I understand it they is [sic] not going to be any kind of speaker at the graduation exercise because of the money involved, and so they can call off everyone's name.  I'd hate to sit there and hear all the names called.  As I have already said . . . . . plan on going to see me get my Master's.

I had a nice letter and birthday card from Ruth Shoemaker earlier this week.  Was sorry to hear that she has had more trouble with her leg, etc.  You should try to have a small get-together with her and Uncle Bill and Aunt Mary while they are in New Vienna.

Aunt Sara took Rob and I out to eat last night.  We went to the Ranch House right near the Junior College.  Had a good meal, then afterwards showed Aunt Sara the junior college, which she had never seen.  Next Friday Rob and I are planning on taking her to Jupiter, where she used to live.  I know things have changed alot up there since she lived there, as things have changed alot since I've been down here.

Well, I better go.  Will try to add some more on later, before I mail this.  Thanks again for the card and money.  They were both greatly appreciated.  Mom, I'm glad you liked the orchid.

Please don't worry about putting everything away in the boxes that are in the back of the Buick.  Just stack it all somewhere – as I'll have to go through it when I get home.  There is a gallon of honey for you all – please share it w/ Grandma.  If you think Cathy & X could use some let me know & I'll get them some.  I can get it very reasonable in price through a man I met working at the Ranch House.  According to him – there is nothing to worry about as far as it spoiling.

One of the boxes is super heavy – full of books!  I sent home every book I had down here – except for the few I'm using this quarter!

Enough for now ––


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