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1975 Roberta's Letter -May 30

May 30, 1975
Dear Family,

Hi!  Just got back from an early graduation party – dinner combination.  Had a delicious meal – lobster at one of WPB's better restaurants – Roman Gate – it's a new place out West of town.  There were eight of us – all who I had worked w/ at Ranch House.  I got a "wise old" owl necklace, a pen (was told for the use of writing letters), and a mug for my hot tea!  Also – a delicious meal!

It still really hasn't hit me that I'm graduating – it just feels like another quarter over w/ .  I got my Death & Dying paper done – all typed.  I rented an electric typewriter for a day from an office supply place here in Lake Worth.  First they said $15.00 for 1 week 2/ $100 deposit and I got them down to $4.00 for the day – and told them they could have my drivers license as a deposit – that I didn't have $100.00 to put out.

So now all I have left is my Biology (ugh) and Social Welfare exams – both Tuesday.

It's been raining alot – we need the rain but I had hoped to get a touch of a tan before coming North!  You know I'm not working at Burdines this week-end – and heard tonight that there is 80% chance of rain tomorrow!

I went into Burdines today to sign all the papers – that I was voluntarily quitting etc. – they told me to write them & let them know when I'll be back in the Fall.  They have always treated me good – they were the 1st place I worked for when I came to Fla. – April 1973.

I bet you all had a busy time w/ the Hortons there.  Rob will be glad to have them back – he is used to having things done for him.

I'm very serious about going to India next fall – I wonder about the possibility of getting a visa into China?  You know Nixon got to go in.  I've been doing alot of reading – you know India has the youth hostel system like Europe – also they have Gov't run hotels – very cheap!  If you get a student card you can ride the train half price!

I wish you all could meet Leslie – she is as nice as can be – my age – went to college for 2 years  – has had all kinds of jobs – (worked at FAO Swartz (sp) toy place, also one of the fanciest restaurants in Palm Beach as a waitress, etc.)  She is very JEWISH – a real business woman – HA!  She has travelled alot, and is also very excited about going to India.

Need I remind you to pick me up Wednesday at 11:31 -A.M. -Delta flight.  You all will have really been making the runs to the airport – are you able to make use of the freeway going around Cincinnati?


PS Found article about Mrs. Hobby w/pictures in this morning's Miami Herald.  Please give to G'ma – to give to Mrs. Moore.  It's a good picture of Mrs. Hobby.

G'ma – are you ready to do some 'darning' for me before I go to New Jersey!


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